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Rudraksha (also called Rudraksh) a very important and mystical Bead of Hindu Mythology & Medication is a kind of natural fruit that grows in eastern hilly areas of Nepal. Rudraksha fruits outer covers are edible in nature & also used in ancient medicine. There is a great importance of Pious Bead which is found inside the Rudraksha Fruits. Its main use is wearing it in the body with devotion. It is known as Rudraksha or Rudraksha Beads. Beside it, Rudraksha Mala(rosary) is used for Japa (chanting mantra/hymn of God). Usually, Rudraksha Malas have 108 Rudraksha Beads and Chanted 108 times which is considered as very much auspicious number. We can also wear the Rudraksha Mala beside doing a mantra Japa. Whereas there are different types of Rudraksha which are usually worn in the Body. Different types of Rudraksha is known as different Number of Mukhi or Faces of Rudraksha. Normally Rudraksha Mala is made up of Powerful Five Mukhi Rudraksha of small, medium, and big size rudraksha which is a normal kind of Rudraksha among the Rudraksha Varieties.

Rudraksha has a very high profile in Tantrism and Spiritualism. It is very widely used and worshipped as a source of good luck, good health, prosperity, medicinal values, success, gains, and most importantly eradication of evil and immortal forces. It is mostly used as a pendant, garland(mala), and bangles. Devotees around Pashupati are seen wearing these mystical Rudrakshas. These belief are very deep-rooted in Hinduism. Read More