Trijuti Rudraksha – Gauri Path Rudraksha

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Trijuti Rudraksha ∥ Gauri Path Rudraksha – Nepal Rudraksha

Another name of Trijuti Rudraksha is gauripath rudraksha. It is one of the gift of nature(god). Naturally, three rudraksha bead joining together each other in the same bead of Rudraksha is known as Trijuti Rudraksha(gauripath rudraksha). It is one of the rare rudraksha found in Nepal rudraksha trees and it grow in very less quantity for example 1 to 3 piece in a year and sometime none of these too.

It is one of the best rudraksha to wear or worship.

This Rudraksha symbolize to God Shiva with his two wives Goddess Parvati and Goddess Sati(Shiva Parvati Gauri).

It also symbolizes to Gauri Shankar Ganesh(god shiva Parvati with his son).

Trijuti rudraksha is also a representation of God Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwar(Shiva), the Hindu trinity.

It has the ability to enable the human third eye or 6th sense. A wearer of this auspicious and powerful rudraksha sins are washed away immediately. It pleases God Shiva Parvati, entire shiva family, and all Vedic Gods. For different miracle and happiness in life we should wear trijuti(gauripath) Rudraksha.

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