Sudarshan Chakra Shaligram


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Sudarshan shaligram is also known as sudarshan chakra shaligram. Lord vishnu(krishna) carry in his hand four object they are conch,sudarshan chakra,mace, and lotus flower.

Sudarshan chakra is a wheel mark or spinning in nature. Sudarshan chakra is also one of the weapon of lord vishnu.

Worshipping sudarshan saligram or sudarshan chakra shaligram is very auspicious and  pleases lord vishnu & all god/goddess.

Shaligram info :-

Shaligram is direct symbol of lord vishnu.Shaligram stone is only found in gandaki river nepal.Shaligram is a idol or visible statue of lord vishnu. The sun or surya we consider him lord vishnu and worship as visible god. So suryadev(god sun) is known as surya narayan. Narayan is one of the name of lord vishnu.Similarly shaligram is also visible god or form of lord vishnu because we can find chakra emblem in it (mark of wheel).Shaligram info can be found in various puran,sacred text and sculpture. Where shaligram is worshipped there is presence of goddess laxmi(goddess of wealth or wife of lord vishnu). Drinking shaligram bath water clean all sin. Throwing some drop of shaligram bath water in home purify all house. There is no bad fairy or spirits in home where saligram is worshipped.
Shaligram is very important to keep in big puja(worship) and yagya(fire sacrifice).Lord vishnu rare idol ‘shaligram’ is only found in country Nepal at gandaki river. Shaligram is Not only worshipped by vaishnav but worshipped by all Hindu and vishnu devotees. Shaligram is symbol of Lord vishnu.
Establishing shaligram in home increase religious value(dharma) ,Karma(work value) and increase in prosperity. Worshipping shaligram daily destroy and cleanses sin of past birth and life.

1) Doing daily ganga snan(holy bath) to shaligram attain the merits of vishnu yagya (vishnu fire sacrifice).Shaligram bath can be done with ganga jal(sacred water of holy ganges) or with pure water.
2)Offering daily different types of food to shaligram destoy all diseases.
3)Keeping tulsi leaves(holy-basil),belpatra leaves,chandan(sacred paste),shankha(conch) and gomati chakra with shaligram together fulfill all kinds of wish.
4)Bathing shaligram daily with panchamrit attain the merits of listening srimad bhagvad.Panchamrit is mixture of five things.They are milk,ghee,sugar,curd and honey.
5) offering 108 tulsi leaves to lord vishnu shaligram in ekadashi day attain the merits and boon of giving 1000 cow charity.
6) Offering daily lotus flower(kamal puspa) to shaligram get lots of Laxmi(money).

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