Sphatik Shivalinga(banalinga) with Stand

75 $

Sphatik Banalinga Shivalinga Price in Indian Rs – INR 5500. Sphatik Banalinga Shivalinga Price in Euro 60 €. Sphatik Banalinga Shivalinga price in USD 75$. Besides Online Payment, Money can be sent to Nepal from any country with the help of a bank or other Methods. Click here to see Payment details and shipping charges.



Sphatik Banalinga Shivalinga with Stand

Beautiful Pure Sphatik (sacred quartz/crystal stone) Banalinga (Shivalinga/Lord Shiva Idol) withstand with an extra naga(snake god) which is the Ornament of God shiva. Very easy to wash clean deity at the time of need because we can takeout naga(snake god) any time as well as banalinga from the stand.

The Banalinga (Shivalinga) is made up of pure Sphatik. There are various kinds of importance mentioned in Shiva Puran regarding worship to God Shiva in different sacred material forms like Sphatik, Parad, copper, Coral etc.

We will send Sphatik Shivalinga(god shiva idol) after energize at Pashupatinath temple Nepal(Shiva temple).

Praying and Worshipping Shiva daily increase our devotion to god shiva more and more. It pleases God Shiva. When Shiva is pleased there is no other thing left to achieve in life because it’s not only the pleasures of present life but also helpful afterlife.