Sphatik Mala(sacred quartz/crystal garland)

$ 75

 Sphatik Mala Price in Indian Rs – INR 5500. Sphatik Mala Price in Euro 60 €. Sphatik Mala price in USD 75$. Besides Online Payment, Money can be sent to Nepal from any country with the help of a bank or other Methods. Click here to see Payment details and shipping charges.




108 beads Sphatik, Original 100% Sphatika mala

– Best Sphatik Mala(Sphatik Rosary) For regular wearing to control diabetes, blood pressure.

– Sphatik Mala For Japa(chanting mantra or hymn). Especially for Shiva, Vishnu, Gayatri, amma, Devi, Durga, Ganesh, Goddess.

– The natural fire spark can be seen when we rub two beads each other. But should be done in a dark place. Be careful with the damage of the thread.

– Very useful for Mental and physical problems. It is able to provide mental peace and pleasure.

– This Divine and auspicious Sphatik mala (Sphatik garland) helps to control anger, ego,

– Anyone wear this Sphatik Mala.

– Even by seeing Shivalinga and Shree yantra made from Sphatik Stones. All problems of life of beings go far away. Wearing Sphatik Mala provides prosperity to the wearer.

– According to astrology, Sphatik is known by Sukra Ratna (venus gemstone) or semi gemstone of Diamond. Those who have the effect of Sukra(venus). Those who can’t wear diamonds should wear Sphatik mala made from 108+1 sphatik beads. It is worn to get spiritual pleasure in life. Sphatik and Rudraksha show more benefits when combined with each others.

– The Mala(garland) made from Sphatik is said to fulfill any kind of wish.

– Wearing Sphatika mala on Monday provides complete peace of mind to the wearer and he/she will not get a headache. Wearing Sphatik mala is very useful to those who have a blood disease, blood pressure and diabetes. If we get a high fever, washing sphatik mala in water and keeping in navel low the fever. And we get rest.

It is not only useful for health benefits but also for the Spiritual Area and who do intellectual work.