Sounding Conch – Shankha/Shankh

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Sounding Conch(shankh) Price in Indian Rs – INR 4500. Sounding Conch(shankh) Price in Euro 50 €. Sounding conch (shankh)price in USD 60$. Besides Online Payment, Money can be sent to Nepal from any country with the help of a bank or other Methods. Click here to see Payment details and shipping charges.



Best Quality Sound Conch Big Size For Home and Temple

  • Those houses where the conch is kept. This house does not have fear of evil and negative energy.
  • Lord Vishnu (Protector of the universe) favorite is Conch shell (Shankh//Shankha) so he always keeps in his hand.
  • Conch is known as shankh(India) and shankha(Nepal) in Hinduism.
  • Scripture mention keeping conch, shaligram stones, tulsi leaves, and gomati chakra together at worship in home please lord Vishnu.
  • It is believed that sounding conch daily throw out heart problems and has a good and healthy heart.
  • Shankh/shankha/conch shell is only found in the ocean sea.
  • Sounding conch morning and evening is a ritual in every Hindu house. It is sound in prayer time (morning and evening puja/worship).
  • It is believed that negative energy doesn’t enter that place where conch sound (shankha dhoni) is done.
  • You can purchase original conch online or offline from the current page whereas there are different people and places where cemented shankh is sold in name of the original. Cemented conch(shankha) never be white, smooth, and shiny.
  • Conch is also said to be a kind of musical instrument that is practiced with mouth with air/wind for a few seconds and sometimes for minutes in a rare case. Different people make different types of sounds with conch(shankh).
  • Conch, or conque or shankha//shankh also known as a “seashell horn” or “shell trumpet” in many place.
  • Blowing shankh(conch) surrounding peaceful and it is an instrument of god. It provides good vibration.