Small Size Dash Avatar Shaligram – 10 incarnation of Lord Vishnu

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Dash Avatar Shaligram Set For Home Worship

Dash avatar means 10 important incarnations of Lord Vishnu in different periods of time whereas Kalki avatar(incarnation) is yet to appeared and we have includes all 10 main forms of great lord Vishnu in this Shaligram set. This divine Shaligram set includes 10 avatar shaligram (ten different types of Lord Vishnu shaligram/Dash Avatar Shaligram). All Shaligrams are small in size so that you can worship them by keeping in small thali(copper plate). The names of Shaligram on shaligrama set are as follows.

  1. Matsya
  2. Kurma
  3. Varaha
  4. Narasimha
  5. Vamana
  6. Parshurama
  7. Rama
  8. Krishna
  9. Buddha
  10. Kalki

Shaligram Info –

Shaligram is a sacred Stones found in Kali Gandaki River, Muktinath, Damodarkunda, Nepal. The oldest name of Kali Gandaki is said to be Krishna Gandaki river. Shaligram is a direct symbol of Lord Vishnu, the protector of the universe. Shaligram is worshipped in all Hindu houses and Temples. Read more