Things you donot know about Shaligram –  Shaligram is also referred with different name in different place. Some of the name are salagram,salagrama,Saligrama,Saligram.Widely spoken name is Shaligram shila. Mainly Just ‘shaligram’.This page contains useful contents on Shaligram. If you want to proceed directly to Store. Jump here to Continue.

Shaligram is a sacred stone found in kali gandaki river Nepal. The oldest name of kali gandaki is known to be krishna gandaki river. Shaligram is direct symbol of Lord vishnu. Shaligram is worshipped in mostly all hindu temples and houses. The importance of shaligram is that,it is worshipped to please maha vishnu. So all hindus worship shaligram to please lord vishnu.

Left lord Shiva,Right Lord vishnu. SHIVA VISHNU

Similar name of shaligram spoken in different place and region is salagrama,salagram,shaligram shila. Shaligram shila means sacred idols of saligram,lord vishnu. Most spoken words for Lord Shaligram is simply “shaligram” through out the world.

Sudarshan or sudarshan chakra shaligram

Origin story about shaligram

– There was demon whose name was jalandhar. His wife name was Vrinda. They were talking each other. Demon describe the beauty of his wife. Vrinda says to his husband that my beauty is nothing if you see Parvati,wife of Shiva. What would you think?. Demon went to kailash(home of lord shiva) with bad intention. At that time,lord shiva was not at his home. Jalandhar turned himself in shiva form and went to meet mother parvati(shiva wife).

Mother parvati comes by taking water in her hand to wash duplicate shiva feet.It is one of the culture in our hinduism to pay respect to husband.

Jalandhar fended in ground after seeing mother parvati face. Mother parvati realize he is not lord shiva. Mother parvati remember lord vishnu for help. Just by remembering in second lord vishnu arrive in kailasha. Lord vishnu says mother i will search lord shiva and state Shiva about arrival of demon in shiva duplicate form. Lord vishnu closes his eyes and search shiva. Shiva was swiming by being swan in  “mansarovar lake”. Vishnu went there and meet shiva. And says all incident happen in kailash(shiv home).

Shiva became very angry and plan to kill demon. Lord shiva fought with this demon for many years but could not win him. Shiva realize that he is save with power of his chaste wife. So shiva order lord vishnu to destroy chaste of vrinda(demon jalandhar wife).

Lord vishnu went to jalandhar demon house in form of jalandhar and destroy chaste of vrinda. Vrinda realize he is not my husband but lord vishnu when lord vishnu show his original form.Vrinda gave four curse to lord vishnu and surrender herself to fire. Vrinda is also believed to be lord vishnu great devotees. The four curse she gave to lord vishnu is to be stone (shaligram), to be plants(tulsi/holy-basil), to be grass (kush) and to be trees (peepal//Ficus religiosa or sacred fig).

After it,Lord shiva kill demon jalandhar  with his trishul (trident) when vrinda chaste is smashed by lord vishnu.

Round shaligram. Round shaligram is also known as laddu gopal shaligram,lord krishna. Lord krishna in his childhood.
Lord krishna,laddu gopal,bal gopal. childhood krishna.

Natures and Types of Shaligram 

– Saligram are found in round shape,flat,oval,with chakra(wheel mark),without chakra,with many and less chakra,with holes. Mostly black shaligram is found which is known as very auspicious. Where as other rare and blessed saligram are blue color,yellow,golden etc. Red colour shaligram is not worshipped in home because it is believed that red brings disturbance and quarrel in home. Red can be worshipped in temples.

They are many types and name of shaligram. Lord vishnu is worshipped with more than 108 names. All this form of vishnu is worshipped as saligram. Some of the name of shaligram are krishna shaligram,Ram shaligram, Matsya shaligram,kurma,varaha,buddha,madhusudan,govinda,janardhan shaligram,shiva saligram, gopal shaligram,hayagriva shaligram,ratna garva shaligram,laxmi narayan shaligram,narasimha shaligram,laxmi narasimha shaligram,aniruddha shaligram,parshuram shaligram,vamana shaligram,sudarshan or sudarshan chakra saligram,vasudev shaligram etc.

Image – “Matsya shaligram” – Matsya is the first incarnation of lord vishnu. Lord vishnu took matsya form at end of satya yuga to save the world. Lord vishnu took fish form. Matsya shaligram looks like form of fishes.

Process of Worship shaligram – Lord vishnu shaligram puja

The simple Shaligram worship can be done by following ways.

  1. At morning bath shaligram with pure water (toyam/jal or jalam). Say “om namo bhagvate vasudevaya”, “om namo narayanaye”, “Om krishnaye namah”,”Om govindaye namah”, “om achyutaye namah” while bathing.
  2. Tulsi leaves is very favourite to lord vishnu. Offering single tulsi leaves (holy basil) to shaligram pleases lord vishnu. There is no doubt on it. As vrinda was great devotee of vishnu,when vrinda herself to fire. Lord vishnu transfer vrinda soul to tulasi. Tulasi shaligram marriage ceremony is celebrated every year.
  3. Offer the flower and  fruits. Or any food items which is pure veg and pure.
  4.  After it lamp a diya (oil lamp).
  5.  offer the incense.
  6.  Sound the bell. After it do namaskaram(respectful greeting with folding both hand) and remember lord vishnu,krishna,shiva. If you wish to chant mantra through malas for lord vishnu,krishna recite it. Specially mantra (hymn) is recited through tulasi and rudraksha mala. This malas or rossaries have total 108 number of beads. 108 is very auspicious,chanting/reciting or doing japa one hundred eight time is very good.
  7. At evening pooja every thing is done same as morning worship. Only difference is that we will not bath shaligram in evening. And we will not offer tulsi leaves to shaligram in evening. Other all same procedure is followed. some of the mantra(hymn) for reciting 108 time are mention here. If you donot have string of holy beads like rudraksha,tulsi chant or recite through hand or continue recitals. Mantra are . 1) om krishnaye namah 2) om nama shivaya 3) om vishnave namah 4) om namo narayanaye 5) om namo bhagvate vasudevaya.
Self appeared shivalinga in shaligram,shiva shaligram.


  • Worship of shaligram Pleases lord vishnu(narayan). The house where shaligram is worshipped,there is residence of mother laxmi (wife of lord vishnu who is goddess of wealth).
  • The worshipper of shaligram will be free from sin.
  • Shaligram provide prosperity,long life,salvation(moksha). He will attain home of lord vishnu known as vaikuntha.
  • No ghost,evil,black magic can affect the houses where shaligram shila is worship.
  • Drinking even one drop of Saligram bath water is more than drinking and going great piligrim and sacred river. Devotees is served with shaligram bath water (saligramrit) in great temple like jaggarnath puri,odisha.
  • Vishnu directly reside in Shaligram so there is no need of pran pratistha(energization) to worship salagrama moorthy. We can worship directly.
  • The place where shaligram is found is known as “saligram” or “Muktinath” or Damodarkunda Nepal. According to  scripture like yog vasistha. It is said that even God ram visited this sacred place. Nepal is also birthplace of goddess sita,wife of lord Rama (god Ram).

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