Rudraksha Shivalinga

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Rudraksha Shivalingam – Nepal Rudraksha

Shivalinga is also known as an idol or statue of God Shiva which is cylindrical in shape. The upper portion of shivalinga is known as Shiva and the below part is known as Goddess Parvati(wife of god shiva). It is believed that God shiva is easily pleased when worships in form of shivalinga. Whereas God Shiva is also worshipped in the image and the human form made with Brass or any kind of auspicious materials.

Shivalinga has a very old long history, it is worshipped in every Hindu houses and God shiva temples. Different gods worship shivalinga like god Vishnu, Brahma, Krishna, Ram, Laxmi includes planetary gods like sukra(venus), Brihaspati(Jupiter), etc.

There are different types of shivalinga in the world like gods made, self appeared, human-made, etc.

The auspicious Rudraksha Shivalinga is made up of Rudraksha Beads. It can be used to worship God Shiva in-home, temples. And also can be used for decoration for home, gifts to friends, relatives. Many devotees prefer to keep in worship room and for decoration. It is one of the best Rudraksha souvenirs.

It is the sacred Items that possess natural powers. We have used the best quality Medium size Rudraksha Beads of five mukhi rudraksha to make Rudraksha Shivalinga.

Rudraksha Shivling is made with more than 108 rudraksha beads. One hundred and eight numbers are known as very much auspicious. And we can find the importance of chanting 108+1 times from Rudraksha mala(rudraksha garland) and 108 mala(garland) is also used for wearing. More than 108 Rudraksha Shivalinga has a blessing of God Shiva.