Things you donot know about rudraksha –  Scientific name of  rudraksha is elaeocarpus ganitrus . Widely spoken name is Rudrakshya,Rudraksh and mainly ‘Rudraksha’ (Rudra dearest gem).

Rudraksha is a sacred and powerful beads which grow in rudraksha trees. The two uses of rudraksha seed is wearing it regularly and used as prayer bead. Rudraksha is symbol of hindu god “shiva”.  In hinduism Sanskrit language,Rudraksha comes from two words they are ‘RUDRA’  and ‘AKSHA’. Meaning the, rudra is name of shiva and aksha means immortal water drops or tears. Once Lord Shiva did meditation for long time by closing his eyes. His mind was suddenly disturb for the welfare of human beings. When he open his both eyes after long meditation some water drops or tears from eyes fall down in earth. From this drops it grew a tree called rudraksha. The beads which grow in rudraksha trees are also known as rudraksha or rudraksha beads.

rudraksha birth is related to god shiva when shiv opened his eyes after long meditation

Rudraksha has very old long history.The rudraksha has been worn from million of years by sages,ascetic,human beings and individuals mainly shiva devotees. Nowadays,million of hindus and non hindus,who know about rudraksha and donot know about rudraksha beads are wearing rudraksha due to its benefits,healing and yog power.

In scripture shiva’s says to his son kumar kartikeya about the variety of rudraksha.

There are different types of rudraksha. Some of the rudraksha are rare whose price are expensive.whereas some are very common. The most common rudraksha are 5 face rudraksha (five mukhi), six mukhi rudraksha (six face) etc. We nepali say mukh for face. We started saying mukhi from long time. Mukhi=lines on rudraksha i.e face.

How to identify its types?

– Rudraksha types is also known as different mukhi or face of rudraksha. For example 1 face or one mukhi, 2 face or two mukhi, 3 face,4 face,5 mukhi,6 mukhi, 7 face or seven mukhi.

Rudraksha posses natural lines which is counted. If rudraksha beads posses 5 lines then it is known as 5 mukhi or 5 face rudraksha. If posses 9 lines/slash then 9 mukhi, if 10 lines then 10 face rudraksha i.e ten mukhi rudraksha.

image – five faces rudraksha – for your easiness,number is writeen to identify face of rudraksha bead.

Introduction of different faces/mukhi rudraksha beads

1 face or one mukhi rudraksha is consider as lord shiva himself. Wearer of this rudraksha achieve the supreme knowledge of shiva. Continue Reading.

2 face or two mukhi rudraksha beads posses two natural countable lines. It is consider as God shiva and Mother parvati (husband and wife). Continue Reading.

3 face rudraksha is consider as God Fire (Agni-dev). The god of purity. He is also known as Rudra or Shiva Whose name is Nil-lohit. Meaning the Body as Carmine color and neck as blue color. Continue Reading.

4 mukhi rudraksha is consider as brahma,creator of universe. It have four lines or mark on Beads. Continue Reading.

image – four face rudrakshya or 4 mukhis rudraksha bead

5 face rudraksha posses total five lines/slash and it is the symbol of rudra whose name is kalagni. Wearer of this rudraksha please lord shiva.Continue Reading.

6 face rudraksha or six mukh rudraksha is related to swami kartikeya. Male should wear this in his right hand. Swami Kartikeya or kumar kartikeya  is son of shiva-parvati. Shivaparvati have total two son. Continue Reading.

7 mukh rudraksha or seven face rudraksha name is mahabhag ananga (kamdev), God of Pleasure & love.Continue Reading

image – Seven mukhi or 7 face rudrakshas

8 face rudraksha or eight mukhi rudraksha is direct symbol of ganesha. Ganesh is son of shiva parvati.Continue Reading

9 face rudraksh is symbol of god bhairav. We should wear it in left hand. He is incarnated by or dreadful form of shiva. He is also known as door keeper of shiva. This rudraksh is also related to goddess who take nine form,i.e navdurga(9 durga).Continue Reading.

10 face – Those rudraksha who have 10 lines or ten mukh/face is known as symbol of Janardhan (lord vishnu). Supreme and great god in hinduism. Three god are disparate god vishnu,Shiva and brahma. So this three god are also known as trimurti(three form or 3 idols).10 mukhi also pleases devi laxmi(wife of vishnu,goddess of wealth). Continue Reading.

11 face – Rudrakshas with eleven face/mukh or lines is known as symbol of 11 rudras. The servant of God Ram “Monkey headed god ‘Hanuman’ also represent this rudraksha. Continue Reading.

Those who have worn 12 face rudraksha (twelve mukh) has pleases lord 12 suryas (god sun) and is regarded as blessful among those who has done daily prayer to lord surya. Continue Reading.

image – 12 face rudraksha ie. twelve mukhis

If we get 13 mukhi rudraksha (thirteen face) then we should regard him that who gives every wish and siddhis “kumar kartikeya”. Some say indra(king of heaven) is also its god and symbol. Continue Reading.

Dear son! If fortunately if we recieve or get 14 mukh rudraksha (fourteen face) then we should wear it in our head. Fourteen mukhi rudraksha is direct symbol of me(shiva). Wearing this rudraksha clean and make free from all kind of small and big sin. And attain auspicious fruits. Fourteen mukhi(14 face) rudraksha is also believed to have birth or dawn from shiva eyes. Continue Reading.

Rareness – 1 to 14 face rudraksha are normally found whereas 14 -21 are also found. 14 to 21 mukhi are rare and expensive than upto fourteen mukhis. We can find upto 14 mukhis in our main scripture. You can purchase upto 21 mukhi rudraksha or 21 face rudraksha beads at, Other auspicious rudraksha are ganesh rudraksha,gauri shankar rudraksha , Trijuti rudraksha or Savar one mukhi. These 4 type of  rudraksha are different than normal rudraksha beads in shape or nature.

We have talked earlier some of the rudraksha identifications,benefits,its deities and supreme beings. We can wear any kinds of rudraksha or worship any variety of rudraksha. Beside this rudraksha is also used as prayer seed to do japa(chant). The beads of rudraksha is strung in thread to make garland or rossaries of rudraksha. The hymn or mantra is chanted repeatedly and recited through this.This combined rudraksha beads necklace is also known as rudraksha mala. Mostly rosary have 108 beads and recited 108 time.

Rudraksha malas

– Rudraksha mala (garland/rossary ) is made up of mostly by combining 108 beads of small size rudraksha. Whereas those who want to recite mantra hymn with big bead uses 54 or 50 beads of rudraksha. Because 108 big rudraksha garland can touch the ground. So reciting 54 no beads malas or garland rosaries two time make 108. Auspicious no for reciting mantra or hymn.

About images – Medium or small size rudraksha mala,total no beads 108,yellow thread have one extra bead known as sumeru. which end  the process of japa(reciting mantra/mymn). So total no of bead with this extra bead is 109.

Chanting or reciting shiva mantra/hymn, lord vishnu hymn,gayatri mantra or any god/goddess mantra can be done through rudraksha mala. Mostly small size rudraksha mala is used for praying and wearing. Whereas single bead of different face or mukhi are Worn. They are big or medium in size. Different faces/mukhis combination rudraksha can also be worn. We also recommend best rudraksha for you.

About rudraksha mala , Lord himself said said that:

we get same benefits of seeing lord shiva,if we get chance to  see to those who is wearing rudraksha mala in neck. If he is wearing tripunda tilak (sacred paste mark on his forehead) and he is chanting mritunjaya mantra.

From this points,we come to know that there is no difference in shiva and who is wearing rudraksha,rudraksha beads or rudraksha mala. Continue Reading.

Some of the benefits of using single rudraksha or rudraksha mala

  • pleases god shiva and parvati. Wearer of rudraksha is even worshipped by god.
  • Most prefer food to get rudraksha benefits is veg-food.We should not drink & eat alchol,onion,meat,garlic etc.
  • Rudraksha worshipper and wearer sin is washed away immediately.
  • Rudraksha provide enlightment,salvation,long life,prosperity,wealth,happiness.
  • We should leave flame(kapat) before wearing rudraksha to get benefits of rudrakshas.
  • Rudraksha provide love,affection,honesty,sincerity,sucess,calmness. Rudraksha mala is auspicious among any malas (necklace).
  • Different god is pleases by using different rudraksha. All god is pleases if we use single rudraksha beads of any face or mukhi or even rudraksha mala of any size.

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