Rudraksha Mala in Silver – Genuine Rudraksha Garland in Pure Silver.


Rudraksha Mala in silver price in indian rs 15000 Rs. Besides online payment customer can pay us with bank or other methods. Click here to see payment method and courier charge.(Shipping ready to all country from Nepal).



It is most choice rudraksha mala (rudraksha garland) to wear in neck regularly. The total number of Rudraksha Beads in this auspicious necklace is 54 + 1 piece of 5 face rudraksha (5 mukhis),total 55. One extra bead is also known as meru(sumeru) which is kept at first or end of necklace.

It is made by combining high quality nepal rudraksha of small (medium) size. Usually people expect to wear 108 beads Malas(garland) but in silver 54 is best to wear and is auspicious to wear in neck regularly. 108 will be best without silver. And will be very long when combined in silver. Some also use this rudraksha to offer god shiva medium idol. As the ornaments for god shiva.

We will send you this divine silver rudraksha mala after energize at Pashupatinath Temple Nepal (shiva temple).

Wearing Rudraksha means attaining divine blessing of god shiva,pleasing god shiva,mother parvati and all shiva family and vedic god. Rudraksha provide happiness,rudraksha is good for health,wealth. Rudraksha eradicate evil and immortal force etc. Read More