Round Shape Pearl Rosary – Moti Mala

$ 60

Round Shape Moti Mala(pearl rosary) Price in Indian Rs – INR 4000. Round Shape Moti Mala(pearl rosary) Price in Euro 50 €. Round Shape Moti Mala(pearl rosary) price in USD 60 $. Besides Online Payment, Money can be sent to Nepal from any country with the help of a bank or other Methods. Click here to see Payment details and shipping charges.



The Price is for one string Moti mala / Pearl rosary. The image may have more than 15 string together.

Religious important Pearls is also known as a symbol of god soma(god moon). Pearl(Moti) is said to keep our heart and mind peace. It is also said to protect us from Negative Energy. Manage emotions. It provides pleasure and happiness.

Uses Fashion, Jewellery, parties, out visit, best suit, and religious use.

Quality and Test – The pearls mention by us is original and genuine pearls. There are two tests for testing pure pearl/moti. They are water tests and fire tests. The pearl purchase from our store does not get harm from water and fire. It can turn black when we burn. But we must clean as soon as possible after trying it to prevent it from untidy damage. Even gold turns black when we burn it. You can wear it even while bathing or in rain.

About – The price is for 1 string of pearl (Moti mala). The best suit for the neck is 2 or 3 string.

Free – We provide a free lock cap per string of pearl/moti mala.

– In different place Moti mala or pearl necklace is also known as muthu malai, Moti (मोती), Pearl. Moti means a shiny one.

It is found in the ocean sea.

It is a section for round shape pearl mala (garland). If you are searching Rice Shape Moti Mala Click here.