Ratna Garva Shaligram – Jyoti Shaligram

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Ratnagarbha Shaligram

RatnaGarva shaligram is also known as Jyoti Shaligram. It is also sometimes known as jyotirlinga(shivalinga) shaligram because light (Jyothi) is visible inside the Salagrama(shaligram-shila) when seen in sunlight or with light . This shaligram represents Hari Hara (Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva). Many of us have a diverse belief of different Vedic God for this auspicious shaligram and some believe as lord sun (surya dev).

Mainly Ratna garbha shaligram is available in three colors Red, Yellow, and Blue. Among this Blue color jyoti ratnagarbha saligram is considered as rare than red and yellow.

The shape of Jyoti shaligram (rathna garbha) is similar to a round small shaligram (Krishna shaligra/laddu gopal shaligram) whereas those who has Jyoti(light) visible is known as ratnagarbha shaligram.

Its Outer color is black but when we see inside shaligram in direct sunlight or with the help of torchlight we can see blue, red, or yellow colors.

By worshipping ratnagarbha saligram, a person glows with supernatural character. Worshipping it increase the eyes brightness and sight power. Seeing it daily in front of Surya Narayan(god sun) destroys the eye disease and all types of sins.

Jyoti Ratna garbha shaligram worship is able to provide different kinds of spiritual and religious power. Worshipping it increases understanding between family. Religion is communicated in persons and the destruction of iniquity.

It is a divine gift of nature. Ratna garbha shaligram is also one of the divine idols of a god whose worship Please lord Surya(Bhaskar) and Harihar(shiva-vishnu). And all Vedic gods.

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Info and Shaligram Story:-

Shaligram is a divine, auspicious, sacred Stones/Shila/idol of god found in Kali Gandaki River, Muktinath, Damodarkunda, Nepal. The oldest name of Kali Gandaki is said to be Krishna Gandaki river. Shaligram is a direct symbol of Lord Vishnu, the protector of the universe. Shaligram is worshipped in all Hindu houses and Temples. Read More