Puja at Ganesh Temple in Nepal

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Puja at 5 Vinayak Temple (Ganesh temple)

Lord Ganesha is also known as remover of obstacles,problem,sorrow. Bestower of good health,wealth,happiness. Lord Ganesh is son second of lord shiva and mother parvati. He is brother of kartikeya. Lord ganesh and kartikeya is worshipped very first in hinduism. Lord ganesh is also known as god of prosperity. One of the name of ganesh is Vinayak <Binayak>.

– Ganesh worship(pooja) is done in Tuesday in five Binayak temple (ganesh mandir) situated in different place and area of Kathmandu city,Nepal. These all are ancient temple and known as Pancha ganesh.

Lord ganesh (Ganesha)

The worship (puja) cost includes all materials used in Ganesha Worship.

We will do puja in these 5 famous ganesh temple and at last we also do puja seprately in lal ganesh temple situated inside pashupatinath temple. So total 6.

  1. Karya Binayak temple – The name of this ganesh temple is karya situated in bhaktapur. The sanskrit word karya means work. Lord provide worship for sucess in work,business,occupation,good health & wealth.
  2. Chandra ganesh – Chandra ganesh is also one of the ganesh among 5 famous ganesh temple in nepal. Chandra means half moon shape. In sanskrit chandra also means (Som). Som is name of mother parvati(uma). Ganesha worship for family happiness. Ganesh and shiva is also know chandrabhal and chandramauli means who wears crescent moon in head or hair as ornament. The chandra ganesh worship for peace of mind.
  3. Jal ganesh or chobar ganesh – Jal ganesh is also one of the major ganesh temple in Nepal and worshipped among five ganesha temple. Jal means sanskrit words Water. Ganesha worship for prosperity and happiness in life.
  4. Kamala Binayak – Kamal vinayak ganesh temple is also one among important 5 ganesh temple. Kamal also mean lotus. Ganesh worship for good health and wealth for all familys.
  5. Surya Vinayak ganesh temple – Surya vinayak temple for children and family happiness. Surya also means (Sun). Lord vishnu is also known as surya narayan. Ganesh temple worship for good health,wealth,sucess for oneself and all family members. Puja(worship) for riddhi and siddhi (prosperity and englightment). The worship increase the devotion to lord ganesha.

Puja includes.

  1. priest (brahmin pujari)
  2. Worship items (puja samagri) laddu and durva grass for all temple.
  3. Garland, incense,sindhur,coconut,fruits,lamp,prasadam(sovenir) etc.
  4. Prayer to ganesha.
  5. Small worship to lord pashupatinath (shiva and Parvati) at very last with lal ganesh. It can be next day too or same day.
  6. Souvenir after worship(pooja) will be sent via courier after pooja is conducted. We have charged it for it. If you donot need it just message us. We will refund shipping charge.