One Mukhi Savar Rudraksha

300 $

Savar One Mukhi Rudraksha Price in Indian Rs – INR 22000. Savar 1 face Rudraksha (Savar One Mukhi Rudraksha) Price in Euro 250 €. Savar One Mukhi Rudraksha price in USD 300 $. Besides Online Payment, Money can be sent to Nepal from any country with the help of a bank or other Methods. Click here to see Payment details and shipping charges.


Savar One Mukhi Rudraksha- Equal to 1 Mukhi Round Rudraksha

Savar One mukhi Rudraksha is also known as savar ek mukhi rudraksha and savar one face rudraksha. This rudraksha is also known as trunk face one mukhi rudraksha.

This Rudraksha possess a natural trunk like ganesh ganesh rudraksha but has 1 lines(mukhi/face) in its trunk. So it is known as savar one mukhi rudraksha. Whereas ganesh rudraksha donot have face/mukhi(lines) on Rudraksha bead. Ganesh Rudraksha has an elephant trunk like structure(like elephant head god ganesh) so it is known as ganesh rudraksha. Whereas Savar mukhi rudraksha has a quality of one mukhi round rudraksha. Hence both ganesh and savar one mukhi rudraksha is blessed by god shiva and god ganesh(son of god shiva).

Sometimes, we also compare Savar one Mukhi rudraksha with Gauri Shankar rudraksha. Gaurishankar is a twin rudraksha who has many faces in both sides and is of equal size. Whereas savar bead is an auspicious twin-like rudraksha which do not have a similar size. And on one side it had only a single face or mukhi. Due to the presence of 1 line, it is known as one Mukhi Rudraksha (1 Mukhi Savar rudraksha).

Savar One mukhi rudraksha is also considered as equivalent to round one mukhi rudraksha (a rare kind of rudraksha bead).

This Rudraksha is a very rare kind of Rudraksha Beads comparing to different types of Rudraksha but it is normal compared to rare bead. Original among this is very rare to find. It is available in a genuine rudraksha store in Nepal.

We send you one Mukhi Savar Rudraksha after energizing Rudraksha beads properly at Pashupatinath temple (Shiva temple).

Hence, In savar one Mukhi Rudraksha one-face is naturally attached to its co-joined Rudraksha bead as a trunk. This one face is known as one face rudraksha or complete rudraksha is known as Savar one Mukhi Rudraksha. This is one of the forms of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha. It is rare and produced in fewer numbers in trees. Whereas normal 1 Mukhi rudraksha is very rare and available in half-moon shape(Chandrakar Ek Mukhi rudraksha).

It is said that the properties of savar 1 face rudraksha are the same as one Mukhi Rudraksha. It washes all sin and pleases god shiva and god ganesh easily.

One Mukhi Savar Rudraksha Mantra 

– Om Namah Shivaya

Other symbols – Basuki nag raj(snake of shiva) and god shiva. The main god of savar one Mukhi Rudraksha is Lord Shiva and ganesh with presence of all vedic gods.