One mukhi rudraksha


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One Facet or One Mukhi Rudraksha – It is rule by the “Sun” (Leo)

One Mukhi Rudraksha is known as one face rudraksha and Ek mukhi Rudraksha. It has natural one lines at Rudraksha Bead so it is known as One Mukhi Rudraksha. One mukhi Rudraksha symbolize to the Goddess Laxmi,goddess of Wealth and God Shiva,destroyer of ignorance. God Shiva(shankar) is also known as Para-Brahma. And those who wear this rudraksha attain ParaBrahma (Highest Brahman).

Being King of all mukhis(faces),it represent pure consciousness,the wearer gains both,Bhoga(happiness) and Moksha(salvation). He lives a life of Raja Janak (king janaka). He enjoys all the comforts at his command and still remains unattached.

Though other bead are available in round & oval shape. This Rudraksha is famous for its half moon or cashew shape. So it is known as chandra Akar ek mukhi rudrakha(1 face half moon shape). Also gauri shankar,ganesh rudraksha etc do have different shape.

The wearer of this rudraksha attain the enternal and divine knowledge of Shiva.

The original among these is a very rare kind to find.

We send you one mukhi rudraksh after energizing Rudraksha properly at pashupatinath temple. The greatest shiva temple,situated in kathmandu,nepal.

One mukhi rudraksha of round shape can be seen in Pashupatinath temple,Nepal. You can visit pashupatinath temple After one day of balchaturdashi festival which falls some month before shivaratri festival(shiva birthday). It is shown in morning of amavasya(aushi tithi/morning of dark fortnight) ,next day of balchaturdashi festival. In 2020 one mukhi rudraksha darshan(looking) date is 2020 december 14.  We can see jewel of snake(nag mani),Paras mani(jewel of frog) at same time. Western devotees and visitor is not allowed to enter inside temple. Only hindus ,indian and nepali is allowed to enter inside temple.

The regular Wearing and worshiping of this Rudraksha is always believed to possess affluence and worldy goods.Hence,it is also considered highly efficient by the business community. It helps on attaining wishes with fruitful results.

Mantra or hymn for one mukhi Rudraksha – Before wearing one mukhi rudraksha or 1 face rudraksh. We should say following mantra. This mantra is very beneficial to recite daily as well. It pleases lord shiva. When wearing rudraksha for first time we should recite 10 time each mantra or 108 time any single mantra.But no one and two is recommended mantra which should be chanted 10 time before reciting any mantra for 108 time.

  1. “Om nama shivaya” – meaning the respect or greeting to lord shiva. Call or being with shiva. Mantra in sanskrit “ॐ  नम: शिवाय”.
  2. “Om hrih namah ” – one mukhi beej or vedic mantra from sacred text puran. meaning greeting to shiva as one mukha rudraksha. Rudraksha mantra in sanskrit,”ॐ ह्रिः नमः”.
  3.  “namah shivaya” – meaning the respect or greeting to lord shiva. Call or being with shiva. Mantra in sanskrit “नम: शिवाय”
  4. mahamritunjaya mantra which goes like this “Om trayam bakam yaja mahe sugandhim pusti vardanam urva ruka miwa bandhannat,mrityo mukchiya mamritat “. Mantra in sankrit ” ॐ त्र्यम्‍बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम  उर्वारुक मिव बन्धनात मृत्‍योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात् “.

Some of the fact or benefits of wearing 1 mukhi or single face rudraksha

Cleanses Sin

Attain the enternal and divine knowledge of Shiva.

Bestow dharma,artha,kama,moksha (religious values,wealth,pleasure plus love and Salvation).

Suitables for Leo sign (simha rashi) but any one can wear this rudraksha with devotion.

  • GOOD for BLOOD Pressure & Heart Diseases.


About the One faced Rudraksha

– One mukhi rudraksha // ek mukhi rudraksh will be in pure silver. The pendent will be in red thread.

– Size of bead come up with One mukhi rudraksha is medium or bigger size. It is suitable for any one.

– free energize at shiva temple.