Gauri Shankar Rudraksha -Twin Rudraksh


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Nepal GauriShankar Rudraksha – Half God Shiva,Half Goddess Parvati (Twin Rudraksha Beads)

         Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is known as rudraksha beads who grow naturally as twin on rudraksha trees. This rudraksha is found conjoined together so it is known as gauri shankar rudraksha . The natural bind together bead which appear as two in one represent Shivaparvati. One part the Lord shiva and another mother parvati.

It is slightly larger than other rudraksha due to its appearance two in one.

Main god of Gauri shankar rudraksha is God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Gauri shankar meaning is “Gauri” is name of goddess parvati and “Shankar” is name of Lord Shiva.

The same shape and size gaurishankar rudraksha is believed to bring good luck,prosperity,religious values in Life. It is symbol of Love,devotion and affection. This rudraksha is able to provide enlightment(salvation). And the one without same size is also very good and its name is garbha gauri rudraksha. which is good for pregnancy.

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is very good for sucessful married life and good for unmarried youth too. Any one above 14 years age can wear this rudraksha.

Other name for gauri shankar rudraksha is Ardhanareshwor (one body but two character or soul meaning the god shiva & mother parvati), uma maheshwor(parvati-shiva),shiva parvati rudraksh etc.

Simple meaning of Gaurishankar rudraksha is half god shiva and half goddess parvati. Left part as mother parvati and right god shiva. We should wear gauri shankar once in life to please god shiva and mother parvati. It represent presence of entire shiva family. The easiest process to make god shiva and goddess parvati happy is wearing or worship of Gauri shankar rudraksha.

According to Sacred text Lord vishnu and Lord shiva Says “Among women I am parvati”. No one can compare to mother Paravti even by great god and goddess. She is mother of all Hindu god and its creation. Mother parvati is well known for her kindness,sincerity and she is great devotee and wife of lord shiva. Goddess Parvati got shiva husband with very long penance and worship to shiva. She wished to be shiva wife from her childhood. And about rudra(shiva/god shankar) once when all sages(rishi/ascetic) went to heavenly kingdom of brahma(creator of universe) to ask About great personality and great god. Lord Brahma think for while and Speak “Rudra”. In gita lord krishna says among rudra i am shankar.

The other rudraksha who represent gauri shankar/shiva parvati is Two mukhi rudraksha/2 face rudraksha. You can also wear 2 mukhi rudraksha to please god shiva and parvati. Two mukhi rudraksha is expensive than gauri shankar rudraksha.

Gauri shankar rudraksha is best for good family cooperation,mainly for better husband and wife (couple) relationship. This rudraksha is believed to make or bring understanding between Couple due to ashirvad of shiva parvati (blessing of shiva parvati). Any one can wear this divine and unique rudraksha.

Gauri shankar rudraksha is also known to be shiva shakti rudraksha. The power of god shiva and power of goddess parvati.

Gauri shankar rudraksha is available in genuine rudraksha store in nepal. It is normal rudraksha but rare comparing to various types of rudraksha like 4 mukhi,5 face,6 mukhis rudraksha beads , 8 mukhi rudraksha or eight face rudraksha etc.

We send you gauri shankar rudraksha after energizing Rudraksha properly at pashupatinath temple Nepal(shiva temple).

Gauri shankar rudraksha – Mantra(Hymn)

Before wearing gauri shankar rudraksha we should recite this simple mantra for 10 or 108 time. These mantras is also very beneficial to recite it daily as well after wearing rudraksha. Wearing day – Monday.

  1. Om namah shivaya – “Om nama shivaya” – Mantra to Please Shiva and Parvati(God shiva & goddess parvati)
  2. Om gauri shankaraye namah – “Om gauri shankaraye namah” is hymn(mantra) to please shiva parvati (Shankar Parvati).
  3. “Om uma maheshwaraye namah” – For shiva parvati Uma is name of goddess parvati and shankar=Lord Shiva.


Gaurishankar Rudraksha Benefits & Facts

  1. Gauri shankar rudraksha wash sin.
  2. Good relationship with everyone.
  3. Increase devotion or bhakti in Shiva parvati.
  4. Pleases shiva parvati easily as well as all vedic god/goddess / deities.
  5. Bestow dharma artha kama moksha “Religious values,economy value,Love-pleasure and Salvation”.
  6. Provide protection and free from fear,evils.
  7. Purify the body,mind,souls.
  8. Fulfills the wish.
  9. More Spiritual benefits is that gauri shankar rudraksha or twin rudraksha also posses different mukhis or faces on rudraksha.Which Denotes many god. The gauri shankar rudraksha we provide you could have any mukhis for example 9 (one side 5 and other 4) or 11 (one side 6 and one side 5) etc. Gauri shankar is not cateogorized in different mukhi or faces like 1 to 14 or 14 to 21. Many people wear whatever they get. Some wear depending on faces or mukhis of gauri shankar rudraksha. Read abouts mukhis/faces.
  10. It helps to improve financial problems.Helps to solve the family problems and it also known as symbol of peace. Gaurishankar is good for health,wealth and mental peace.
  11. This is not only good for a happy married life but also helpful for young unmarried youth.
  12. Rudraksha for sucessful life.
  13. GOOD for smoothening of Planetary Forces Around Oneself and Prevention from Accidents and Sudden Death.

About the Nepali Gauri Shankar Rudraksha from

– Gauri shankar rudraksha will be in pure silver. The pendant will be in red thread. Please message us if you donot need with silver or thread.

– Size of bead used in this product are medium or big size. It is suitable for any one.

– Free energize at shiva temple.

– Authentic certificate with gauri shankar rudraksha. Get certified gaurishankar from nepal.