Ganesh Rudraksha – Rudraksha Beads with Trunk


Ganesh rudraksha Price in indian rs – 1800 Rs. Besides online payment India and International customer can pay with Bank or other methods. Click here to see Payment details and courier charge.


Ganesh Rudraksha – Holy Unique Rudraksha Beads with Natural Trunk – Nepal Rudraksha

         Ganesh Rudraksha is also known as Natural Rudraksh Beads with Trunk. The speciality of this rudraksha is that elephant head god ‘ganesh’,the god of prosperity, symbolize this rudraksha. Lord ganesh is son of god shiva and goddess parvati. He is brother of Kumara and wife of Riddhi(prosperity),Siddhi(enlightment) and buddhi(knowledge).

Lord Ganesh is also known as Ibhabakra and Lambodar meaning the one with elephant head and long trunk.

It is said that, The more benefits we get from this rudraksha if this Beads present long trunk. It is to please Lord Ganesha.

The ganesh rudraksha we provide will be best in shape and sizes. The benefits of wearing ganesh rudraksha can’t be defined. This Rudraksha is divine Gift of nature (god ganesh). Only fortunate person get chance to worship or wear this rudraksha.

It is one of the normal rudraksha but is divine,holy and possess almighty power.

If you wish to please lord ganesh ,best method to please ganesha easily (son of god shiva and mother parvati) is wearing or worshipping ganesh rudraksha.

Other rudraksha who are round and oval but donot possess trunk but represent ganesha is six mukhi and eight mukhi rudraksha. 8 mukhi rudraksha is expensive than ganesh rudraksha with trunk. And 6 mukhi and ganesh with trunk is similar and equal in catergory of rareness and prices. Gaurishankar and Ganesh with trunk are unique kind of rudraksha due to its structure. Someother unique rudraksh are trijuti,sawar ek mukhi rudraksha etc.

We send you ganesh rudraksha after energize at pashupatinath temple Nepal (shiva temple).

Ganesh Rudraksha Mantra(Hymn)

Before wearing ganesh rudraksha we should recite this simple mantra(hymn) for 10 or 108 time at time of first day wearing rudraksha beads. Beside this chanting or reciting this mantras in daily Prayer is also very good. Mantra are as follows :

  1. Om gang ganapate namah – “Om gang ganapate namah” is hymn(mantra) to please Lord ganesha . It is mantra for Ganesh rudraksha. (Recommended)
  2.  Om Ganeshaye namah – “Om Ganeshaye namah” is hymn(mantra) to please Lord ganesh. The son of Shiva parvati,brother of kartikeya,husband of Riddhi,Siddhi and Buddhi. (Recommended).
  3. We are giving you some other 21mantra lucky mantra for you for lord ganesha. This 21 mantra you can recite 1,10,108 time as per your wish. Read here for more mantras or hymn of lord ganesha.

Benefits and Facts of Ganesha Rudraksha

  • Lord ganesha or ganesh is please with those who is wearing or worshipping ganesh rudraksha.
  • Ganesh Rudraksha remove  obstacles and problems.
  • Please Shiva family and all god.
  • Provide dharma artha kama moksha (religious value,economy value,love,pleasure,happiness and Salvation).
  • Rudraksha for Protections,good health.
  • Fulfills the wish.
  • Provide riddhies and siddhies and buddhi (prosperity,enlightment and supreme knowledge of god)

About the Nepal Ganesh rudraksha from

– Ganesh rudraksha / Ganapati rudraksh will be in pure silver. Pendant will be on red thread.

– Size of bead used will be  medium or big size rudraksha. It is suitable for any one.
– Free energize at shiva temple.

– Authentic certificate with Ganesh Rudraksha