1 to 14 mukhi rudraksha mala


1 to 14 mukhi rudraksha mala Price in indian rs – 97000 Rs. Besides online payment India and International customer can pay with Bank or other methods. Click here to see Payment details and courier charge.


It is combination of variety of rudraksha beads described in Sacred text “shiva puran”. It is also known as complete rudraksha mala(rudrakshas garland),which also mean siddha rudraksha mala.

This necklace is made up from quality rudraksha beads. Only fortunate wearer wears this garland.

Number of bead used in malas(garland) is total 17 without counting small beads. Small bead of five mukhi rudraksha is combined to make mala more attractive.

Total no 17 , Rudraksha are 1 to 14 mukhi + Gaurishankar(twin bead known as shiva parvati), Ganesh rudraksha(bead with natural trunk)   and One mukhi savar (round one mukhi looks like rudraksha with trunk,which posses single face in its trunk).

If you wish to buy single rudraksha of any mukhi or face or read about it,you can find it here.

This necklace is also made in pure silver.

We send you siddha rudraksha mala ( 1 to 14 face rudraksha ) after energizing properly at pashupatinath,shiva temple.

This rudraksha provide dharma (blessing of all god), Artha (Economy), Kam(pleasure and love) and Moksha (salvation).

Before wearing this rudraksha beads necklace we should recite “Om nama shivaya” mantra(hymn) 10 or 108 times. Not only while wearing. Reciting this mantra is very benefitial in our morning and evening prayer daily as well.