Pathari Rudraksh Mala – Smooth Rudraksha Mala

$ 108

Smooth Rudraksha Mala(Pathri Mala) Price in Indian Rs – INR 8000. Smooth Rudraksha Mala(Pathri Mala) Price in Euro 90 €. Smooth Rudraksha Mala(Pathri Mala) price in USD 108$. Besides Online Payment, Money can be sent to Nepal from any country with the help of a bank or other Methods. Click here to see Payment details and shipping charges.



Best For Wearing Regularly and Mantra Japa

Pathari or Pathri meaning is Smooth. This high-quality Rudraksha Mala (Rudrakshas garland) is also known Pathari mala meaning the smooth garland and also said Chikna Rudraksha Mala in the Local language which also mean smooth rudraksha mala (garland). The total number of Rudraksha beads in this auspicious Mala is 108+1 bead as Sumeru parvat(top) So total 109.

It is also very comfortable and best for wearing regularly as well as very much useful for reciting mantra(hymn) through it.

Every Beads in this mala(rosary) is knotted after each bead.

It is made with the same size bead and is also known as one of the rare rudraksha mala.

Rudraksha info – 

Among Mala(garland) Rudraksha has its own importance. God shiva himself said that rudraksha mala can not be compared to any other malas. Rudraksha mala destroy sin and fulfill all kinds of wishes and desires. Rudraksha mala is used in every kind of siddhis(enlightenment) and Japa(chanting). In Rudraksha mala, we can do all types of Japa (For all god/goddess).

Rudraksha is fruitful to children to old age man. Rudraksha mala can be worn on a suitable day by reciting Maha Mritunjaya Mantra or Om Nama Shivaya mantra (main God Shiva mantra or hymn). Regarding Maha Mahmritunjaya Mantra Lord Shiva says ” We get the same benefits of Seeing Shiva if we get a chance to see a man who is wearing rudraksha mala in the body if he/she is chanting Maha Mritunjaya mantra and he/she have tripunda tilaka in the forehead(paste mark).

Some of the suitable days are every Monday or festival like Shivaratri, Teej, Ram Navami, Krishna Janmashtami, etc.

Today, it is scientifically proved and truth that wearing rudraksha mala in the neck provides protection from a heart attack and heart diseases. Wearing original rudraksha helps to cure blood pressure, nightfall, sperm disorders, etc. Rudraksha mala helps to develop intellectual development and provides calmness to the mind. It Provides benefits in business etc. Rudraksha mala can be worn by anyone, any varnas, any ashramas(monastic community), any genders, any castes people.

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