Parad Shivalinga Large Size

450 $

Big Size Parad Shivalinga Price in Indian Rs – INR 33000. Big Size Parad Shivalinga Price in Euro 375 €. Big Size Parad Shivalinga price in USD 450$. Besides Online Payment, Money can be sent to Nepal from any country with the help of a bank or other Methods. Click here to see Payment details and shipping charges.



Mercury Shivalinga – Parad Shivling

We can find the story of Parad Shiva linga in sacred scripture like Puran. Parad shivalinga is also known as mercury Shivalinga. Mercury is a liquid that is used in a thermometer (fever checker). It has high importance in Hinduism.

Mercury is made solid to make Parad Shivalinga.

It is said that Parad originated from the sperm of lord shiva. Going to the sacred river, Giving many cow donation, going to char Dham pilgrimage is easily attain only by seeing Paradeshwor shivalinga/paradeshwor mahadev(God Shiva Parad Idol). Worshipping Parad Shivalinga pleases lord Shiva and mother Parvati.

This parad shivalinga is very rare kind of shivalinga. We should keep it in safe place or safely as it break down when fall. It is very smooth and Soft. We should say Om Nama Shivaya while worshipping parad shivalinga(shiva idol).

We should establish it in Copper Plate in worship room. The worshipper of Parad Shivalinga is counted as great Shiva Devotee in the entire universe. Its worship is able to make happy entire shiva family and Vedic God.