Pancha Mukhi Hanuman (Five face or 5 Head Hanuman)

Pancha Mukhi Hanuman meaning is five face hanuman(God hanuman with five face). God hanuman is known as the monkey head god who is a great devotee of God Ram. God Hanuman is also known as the Incarnation of God Shiva. So sometime hanuman is also known as Rudra or one among Ekadash Rudra (11 forms of god shiva) or Ekadash Rudra Himself.

image pf Pancha Mukhi hanuman, from left to right, Varaha, Garud, hanuman,Narasimha,Hayagriva

Pancha Mukhi Hanuman’s name is as follows.

1)Varaha – Hanuman is worshipped as Varaha(Lord Vishnu). Varaha means one with a boar head and the human body. Lord took this incarnation to save the mother earth from sinking in water in the ocean. He brings mother earth up by carrying in his upward-facing nose. Lord Vishnu kill demon hiranyaksha, brother of demon king hiranyakashyap who was taking mother earth down to the ocean.

2) Garud – Hanuman is worshipped as Garuda or God Garud who is vehicles of lord Vishnu. He is a god with a human body and a bird-like head. He is a great devotee and Sevaka(servant) of Lord Vishnu.

3) Hanuman – Hanuman took birth in Treta yuga(second stage of time in Hinduism) along with god Rama in a different place. He is a great devotee of God Ram (Lord Vishnu). He meets Rama first time in Rishyamukh Parvat (mountain) near Pampa Sarovar.

4) Narasimha – Hanuman is worshipped as Narasingha or Narasimha (Lord Vishnu). Narasimha means one with a lion head and the human body. Lord Vishnu or God Narasimha Dev kill the demon hiranyakashyap in this form to save Prahlad who was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap wants to kill his own son Prahlad who was reciting and praying mantra and the name of Lord Vishnu. Narasimha deva kill the demon with his sharp nail by keeping the demon in his thighs.

5) Hayagriva – Hanuman is worshipped as Hayagriva or Hayagriv (Lord Vishnu). Hayagriva means one with horse head and the human body. Lord Vishnu took this incarnation to kill the demon Hayagriv who was also in form of a horse. The demon used to kill innocent people, sages, rishi, muni, and this demon always used to obstacles in positive, religious work.

14 Mukhi rudraksha – Fourteen Mukhi rudraksha is also known as the symbol of Pancha Mukhi Hanuman and God shiva. Rudraksha is holy beads which are grown in sacred rudraksha trees in eastern hilly areas of Nepal. It is worn in the body or used to worship or used in Jap(chanting through its garland or Mala). Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha birth is related to God Shiva eyes and it is believed that Lord Shiva himself wear this auspicious Rudraksha Beads. Read more about 14 Mukhi rudraksha at Read More provides handpicked Rudraksha from trees, Natural Shaligram, and all kinds of Spiritual Items. All Rudraksha, Shaligram we have is of from our own farms as well as we purchase from trusted People. We Offer Online and instore shopping for all kinds of Spiritual Items.