Nepali Mangal Sutra Red

50 $

Nepali Mangal Sutra Red Price in Indian Rs – INR 3500. Nepali Mangal Sutra Red Price in Euro 40 €. Nepali Mangal Sutra Red price in USD 50 $. Besides Online Payment, Money can be sent to Nepal from any country with the help of a bank or other Methods. Click here to see Payment details and shipping charges.



Nepali mangalsutra (necklace) is worn by Nepalese married women in festivals, parties, worships, auspicious ceremonies, or daily. It is now loved by many foreigners and Indians. Wearing it gives a realize of typical Nepali Hindu women.

It is also something special to give gifts to your friends and relatives. And importantly for you itself.

Also available in Green, Golden, Yellow, and Mixed Color.