Navratna Mala

110 $

Navratna Mala Price in Indian Rs – INR 8000. Navaratna Mala  Price in Euro 90 €. Navaratna Mala price in USD 110$. Besides Online Payment, Money can be sent to Nepal from any country with the help of a bank or other Methods. Click here to see Payment details and shipping charges.



Navaratna Mala (Navaratna Rosary/Garland/Necklace)

– This mala/rosaries is worn to calm the effect of nine planets(Navagraha). It has various stone combinations along with small one-piece rudraksha beads of Five Mukhi. Any Rashi (zodiac sign) and any planets(Grah) people can wear this mala(garland). It provides positive vibration, energies, and importantly controls 9 planet’s effects.

Some of the examples of stones used in this garland Rosary(Mala) are Coral(MUGA), Pearls For Moon(Moti), Manik/ruby(Surya/Sun:Leo), Pushparaj, or yellow sapphire (Guru Brihaspati), sacred sphatik(crystal/quartz) instead of diamond etc.

Word Navratna comes with two Sanskrit words they are nava(Nine) and Ratna (jewels or stones). Navaratna mala or Navaratna Garland is a combination of all 9 stones? specially stone dedicated to nine planets.It is designed for 12 zodiac sign/Rashi, all star people, planet. It is more powerful by combining sacred rudraksha bead at very top.