Narmada Lingam – Big Size Narmada Banalinga

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Naramadeshwor Banalinga – Narmada Shaligram

Narmada Lingam is also known as Narbada Linga, Narmadeshwor, Shivalinga is a holy stone found in the Narmada River. Narmadeshwor Mahadev(Narmada Shivalinga) is a symbol of God Shiva and used to worship God Shiva. Narmada Lingam is also known as Narmada Banalinga meaning the self appeared god or self appeared idol of the god.

There used to live a great devotee of god shiva Name Narmada. She used to worship god shiva at the bank of the Narmada river(old name Rewa river) by bringing mud and stone from the Narmada river. One day shiva appeared in front of her. Lord Shiva provides various boons to her. Goddess Narmada also asks one boon from her side that every stone in this sacred river turns to Shivalinga and used to worship god shiva and god shiva becomes please with him/her who worship lord shiva in form of Narmada Shivalinga. Lord Shiva agreed with the goddess Narmada and also boon her that the river and stones become famous with her name.

We can see many old Shiva shrine and temples (devals/shivalaya) lingams made with Narmada Shivalinga.

God Shiva and Goddess Parvati is easily pleased with those devotees who worship Narmada Shivalinga in-home and temples.

It is worship by keeping on a copper plate and also stand is available for it. We also provide a copper plate or stand gift with big size Narmada Shivalinga. You must write a short note to us whether you need a stand or copper plate for it.

Narmada linga is a divine gift of nature (god Shiva). It looks exactly like Shivalingam similar to Shaligram stones which is a symbol of god Vishnu. Shaligram has a chakra mark(wheel mark) on it, Chakra marks are known as Sudarshan chakra which symbol to lord Vishnu and Lord Vishnu always keeps on his hand.

Narmada River

By only great merit we get a chance to go Narmada river for pilgrimage. The importance of bathing in the Narmada river and worshipping Narbada Shivalinga is as follows.

  1. washes all types of sin.
  2. Pleases God Shiva Parvati and mother Narmada, Ganga, and the mother Yamuna.
  3. Mother Ganga(holy river Ganges) gives benefits after drinking or touching her water but Narmada river just by seeing her cleanses all sin.
  4. Provides Moksha/Mukti(salvation).
  5. The main mantra to worship Narmada Shivalinga is  “OM NAMA SHIVAYA”, favorite leaves Bel Patra Leaves and different kinds of fruits, Bathing morning with pure Jal(water).

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