Rudraksh Mala – Best Rudraksha Mala

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Best Rudraksha Mala Price in Indian Rs – INR 4000. Best Rudraksha Mala Price in Euro 45 €. Best Rudraksha Mala Price in USD 55$. Besides Online Payment money can be sent to Nepal from any country with the help of a bank or other methods click here to see bank and other payment details and shipping charges.



Rudraksha Mala – Best Rudraksha Mala

It is also known as medium size rudraksha. The total number of rudraksha beads used to make this rudraksha mala(rosary) is 108 quality rudraksha beads. We have also named it the best rudraksha mala due to a suitable size for wearing and Mantra Japa(chanting Hymn). You can read all details below.

  1. What is Rudraksha Mala? –  Rudraksha Mala is a rosary or garland made up of rudraksha beads. So it is known as rudraksha mala. “Malas” means rosary or garland.
  2. What is the use of Best Rudraksha Mala? – You can comfortably use for two purposes from this Rudraksha Mala that is you can wear regularly and you can use for Mantra Japa. The chanting of the hymn or the holy name of God.
  3. How many Rudraksha beads present in this Rudraksha Mala? – The total number of Rudraksha beads in this rudraksha mala is 109. The scripture clearly mentions importance of wearing or reciting mantras through 108 beads rudraksha mala. Scripture also mentions ‘Sumeru Parvat’. The 1 extra bead on Rudraksha mala is known as Sumeru parvat or Brahma-Gath in which reciting mantras(hymn) is ended. You will be notified when chanting 108 times at this extra bead. While wearing we should keep this extra bead in the back of the neck.
  4. Who can use this Rudraksha Mala? – Anyone can use this Rudraksha mala and it is categorized Best Rudraksha for wearing and Japa Rudraksha mala. Though it is suitable for children as well But for children, we have also small size rudraksha mala which is very best for children up to 17 years of children. Click here to check small rudraksha mala. Besides children, anyone can wear small rudraksha mala but somebody can feel uncomfortable while doing mantra Japa(Chanting).
  5. What is the name of this rudraksha mala? – It is known as medium size rudraksha mala. We have also named it the best 108 beads rudraksha mala (medium size).

Rudraksha Info –

Rudraksha (also called Rudraksh) a very important and mystical Bead of Hindu Mythology & Medication is a kind of natural fruit that grows in eastern hilly areas of Nepal. Rudraksha fruits outer covers are edible in nature & also used in ancient medicine. There is a great importance of Pious Bead which is found inside the Rudraksha Fruits. Its main use is wearing it in the body with devotion. It is known as Rudraksha or Rudraksha Beads. Beside it, Rudraksha Mala(rosary) is used for Japa (chanting mantra/hymn of God). Usually, Rudraksha Malas have 108 Rudraksha Beads and Chanted 108 times which is considered as very much auspicious number. We can also wear the Rudraksha Mala beside doing a mantra Japa. Whereas there are different types of Rudraksha which are usually worn in the Body. Different types of Rudraksha is known as different Number of Mukhi or Faces of Rudraksha. Normally Rudraksha Mala is made up of Powerful Five Mukhi Rudraksha of small, medium, and big size rudraksha which is a normal kind of Rudraksha among the Rudraksha Varieties. Read More