Rudraksha Mala – Best Rudraksha Mala


Best Rudraksha mala for wearing Price in indian rs – 4000 Rs. Besides online payment India and International customer can pay with Bank or other methods. Click here to see Payment details and courier charge.


Nepal Rudraksha Mala – Five mukhi Rudraksha mala For Wearing and Mantra Japa

  1. What is Rudraksha Mala? –  Rudraksha Mala is rosary or garland made up of  rudraksha beads. So it is known as rudraksha mala. “Malas” means rosary or garland.
  2. What are use of Best Rudraksha Mala? – You can comfortably use for two purpose from this Rudraksha Mala that is you can wear regularly and you can use for mantra japa. The chanting of hymn or holy name of god.
  3. How many Rudraksha beads present in this Rudraksha Mala? – The total number of Rudraksha beads in this rudraksha mala is 109. The scripture clearly mention reciting mantras or wearing 108 beads rudraksha mala. Scripture also mention about ‘Sumeru Parvat’. The 1 extra bead on Rudraksha mala is known as sumeru parvat or brahma-gath in which reciting mantras(hymn) is ended. You will be notify when chanting 108 time in this extra bead. While wearing we should keep this extra bead in back of neck.
  4. Who can use this Rudraksha Mala ? – Any one can use this Rudraksha mala and it is categorized Best Rudraksha for wearing and japa Rudraksha mala. But specially for children we have small size rudraksha mala which is very best for children upto 17 years children. Click here to check small rudraksha mala. Beside children any one can wear small rudraksha mala but somebody can feels uncomfortable while doing mantra japa.
  5. What is name of this rudraksha mala ? – It is known as medium size rudraksha mala.

Medium size Rudraksha Mala –  108 quality rudraksha beads.

Among Mala(garland) Rudraksha have its own importance. God shiva himself said that Rudraksha Mala canot be compare to any other Malas. Wearing Rudraksha mala destroy the sin and fulfill all kinds of wishes and desires. Doing mantra japa from Rudraksha benefits cannot be described because it doubles the benefits when we mantra japa from rudraksha mala.

Rudraksha mala is used in everykind of siddhis(enlightment) and Japas. Japas is the process of repeating mantra(hymn) from necklace or rosary garland. Mostly recited 108  times. In Rudraksha mala we can do any kind of japa (For all god/goddess).

Rudraksha is fruitful to children to elders (old age man). Rudraksha mala can be worn in suitable day by reciting mahamritunjaya mantra or Om nama shivaya. Some of the suitable days are every monday or festival like shivaratri,teej,ram navami,krishna janmastami etc.

Today,it is scientific prove and truth that wearing rudraksha mala in neck provide protection from heart attack and heart diseases. Wearing original rudraksha helps to cure blood pressure,nightfall,sperm disorders and many other diseases. Rudraksha mala helps to develop intellectual develoment and provide calmness to mind.It Provide benefits in business,sucess in life etc. Rudraksh mala can be worn by anyone,any varnas,any genders,any ashramas,any castes people.