Rudraksha Bracelets For Gift

$ 150

Rudraksha bracelets Price in Indian Rs – INR 10000. Rudraksha bracelet Price in Euro 125 €. Rudraksha Bracelet price in USD 150$. Besides Online Payment, Money can be sent to Nepal from any country with the help of a bank or other Methods. Click here to see Payment details and shipping charges.



1 Dozen Rudraksha Bracelet Bundle with two extra different design bracelets.

It is an opportunity to share Rudraksha among your friend, family, and relatives. Get the benefits of Rudraksha beads by wearing a rudraksha bracelet or any type of rudraksha in your life.

You will get 1 dozen of rudraksha bracelets to share among all your well-wisher. The two extra bracelets will be sent with this rudraksha bracelets. The two extra bracelets are made in pure Sphatik(quartz/crystal) and MUGA/Pagadam(Coral stone).

Wearing rudraksha bracelets in hand have great importance in shastra(scripture). We will get different kinds of benefits from it like good health, wealth, spiritual pleasure in life. It will surely rise the virtue and pleases god shiva and all Vedic gods.

Rudraksha is also one of the best jewelry or ornament which suits (looks good) to anyone who wear it. It is a specialty of divine and miraculous rudraksha. So wearing rudraksha has grown rapidly in the world.

This Bracelet is made by combining small/medium size genuine Rudraksha beads. The types (Mukhi/faces) of Rudraksha used in this all bracelet are 5 Mukhi rudraksha (five face rudraksha) origin.

Products details 

– One dozen rudraksha bracelets with the same design with extra two rudraksha bracelet of different design

– Will be Sent after energize at Pashupatinath Temple (Shiva Temple).

– Bracelets are suitable for all age people, gents, ladies. We can wear them accordingly to our hand sizes.

– Three gifts of big size bead of 5 Mukhi (five faces rudraksha) from on request.