Matsya Shaligram

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Divine Matsya Shaligram

Matsya Shaligram is a direct symbol of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Matsya(Fish) So Lord Vishnu is known as God Matsya. Matsya Shaligram is one of the auspicious shaligram to worship. Sanskrit word Matsya means fish. Matsya is also known as Lord Vishnu first avatar(incarnation). God Vishnu appeared at the end of Satya yuga to save Vedas and 7 rishis (sage) from a pralaya(holocaust) in the form of Matsya. Matsya Shaligram looks like forms of fish. With this divine shaligram shapes and structure it is known as Matsya Shaligram. It can have chakra(wheel mark) and without chakra on it. But mostly matsya shaligram having chakras is worshipped. It is very good Shaligram for daily Puja(worship). Matsya Shaligram pleases Lord Vishnu easily there is no doubt on it.

Info and Shaligram Story:-

Shaligram is a divine, auspicious, sacred Stones found in Kali Gandaki River, Muktinath, Damodarkunda, Nepal. The oldest name of Kali Gandaki is said to be Krishna Gandaki river. Shaligram is a direct symbol of Lord Vishnu, the protector of the universe. Shaligram is worshipped in all Hindu houses and Temples. Read more.