Kamal Gatta Mala – Lotus Seeds Garland

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Kamal Gatta Mala is the Ornament Jewelry of Goddess Lakshmi

Kamal Gatta comes from two words in Sanskrit, the ancient Hindu language. They are ” Kamal” which means Lotus and other word is “Gatta” means seeds who are long round ‘oval’. The Kamal Gatta Mala (Lotus seeds garland) is made by combining kama gatta seeds. Mala(garland) is made from a lotus flower. When we plant single seeds of this for plantation kamal gatta is produced. Kamal Gatta is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Laxmi (the goddess of wealth). The Hindu goddess Laxmi is also found to reside in Lotus beside Ananta sesha naga(snake god). So it has high importance in Hinduism. The use of this garland (mala) is doing mantra jap(chanting hymn) from it to the goddess Laxmi. And Laxmi devotees also wear it in the neck. Or we should keep in the worship room (pooja altar) at the house.

Chanting or worshipping through  Kamal Gatha mala (lotus seeds garland)  pleases and makes happy goddess Laxmi easily and this mala(garland) also destroy the enemy when kept at home. It is believed that it provides wealth, happiness, and solve problems When we worship or recite hymn(mantras) through it, it pleases the goddess Laxmi quickly who can boon anything to her devotees. The original Kamal Gatta mala (lotus seeds rosary) is very rare to find. It is available only in genuine stores.

Total number of seeds – Total number of lotus seeds (kamal fruits) in this mala(garland) is 108 which is known as an auspicious number in Hinduism to wear or to recite Mantra jap(chanting hymn) through it. Extra one seed is kept in the end which makes 109. This extra bead informs the end of 108 when chanting mantras. This extra bead is also known as sumeru parvat(brahmagath) which has importance in the Sacred text of Hinduism.

Mantra Japa – Doing Goddess Lakshmi Mantra Japa(hymn) from Kamal gatte mala is said to please goddess Laxmi easily. And Reciter wish soon is fulfilled. And he/she also attains wealth, good health. Mainly mantra is chanted 108 times. We should also chant one extra bead.

Laxmi Upasana(worship)  – Kamal gatte mala has high importance in the worship of the Goddess in Hinduism, Specially to mother Lakshmi. Worship(pooja) of Goddess Laxmi without Kamala Gatta mala (lotus seeds garland) is impossible or incomplete. Those who want to please Laxmi easily and want excellent wealth should chant through lotus seeds Mala. The mala can be used to chant and recite the mantra of Vishnu, Shiva, Rama, Krishna. It is one of the auspicious Mala(garlands) to all god and goddess. Especially the Goddess. For Shiva we have Rudraksha mala, For lord Vishnu, ram, Krishna Tulasi mala. And kamal Gatta for Devi Laxmi(goddess Laxmi). But all god is pleased with kamal GATT. We get the same benefits. It is one of the powerful ones.

Homa and Single seeds – Kamal Gatta seeds are Kept in Homa(Fire sacrifice) while doing worship to goddess Laxmi. Besides this, we also keep these seeds in-home (in the prayer room). Only single seeds please god Vishnu(protector of the universe) and goddess Laxmi. Both God Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi is Husband and wife. Hence we can’t express the benefits of hanging a complete 108 beads garland (mala) at home and doing mantra jap from it. or wearing it.

Laxmi Puja – Kamal Gatta mala is also kept in Lakshmi Puja(worship festival of goddess Laxmi, Diwali, Deepawali) with goddess Laxmi to please goddess Laxmi with other sacred items of goddess Laxmi. Laxmi Pooja falls every year in month Karthik(Kartika: Oct-Nov). Doing mantra through lotus mala or worship is done on these special days. Laxmi puja is also known as the special day of Deepawali festival (festivals of light).

Also in Scripture abt, Kamal Gatta malas –  Reciting or chanting Kanak Dhara mantra (Kanak Dhara hymn) from Lotus seeds garland bestow the rain of gold. It is evidence in scripture. Kanak Dhara mantra is chanted by wearing kamal Gatta mala or through kamal Gatta rosary garland. Go to kanakdhara stotra(mantra). Besides this, we have mentioned some mantras for the goddess Laxmi below.

MantrasThis mantra can be chanted or recited through kamal Gatta mala (lotus seed garland) which is a very powerful and effective to please the goddess Laxmi. Different mantra for the goddess Lakshmi is below.

  1. Laxmi gayatri mantra – Om Maha Laxme Cha vidmaye vishnu priyaye dhimahi tanno laxmi prachodayat
  2. Laxmi Narayan(vishnu) Mantra – Om Namo Laxmi Narayanaye (Recommended)
  3. Laxmi mul mantra(main) – Om sri maha laxme Namah or Om maha laxme Namah (Recommended)

Other seeds or beads for Goddess Laxmi – Rudraksha seeds of  7 Mukhi Rudraksha and 1 Mukhi Rudraksha is considered as goddess Laxmi. Wearing or worshipping any one of these surely please to goddess Laxmi. And we get more benefits after wearing these rudrakshas and recite mantras through Kamal Gatta mala. It is also known as Vedic Laxmi combinations. Read about 7 Mukhi or Read about 1 Mukhi rudraksha.

Start using Kamal Gatta mala (garland) – On Friday or special days like Laxmi puja, Shivaratri, Krishna Janmashtami, Ekadashi, Ram Navami, Navratri, etc.

Hence Lotus seeds garland (kamal gatte mala) represents the Goddess Laxmi and if you want to get more wealth then must perform jap with Kamal Gatta Mala. It is also believed that Reciters(sadhana) from this mala get plenty of wealth if he/she recites it on the Akshaya Tritiya(laxmivishnu & shivaparvati marriage day also known as the day of prosperity). Kamal Gatta Mala is also known as dried lotus bead mala.

Lakshmi is also called Kamalvaasini – i.e. one who sits on a lotus. This is why for the Sadhana and Mantra chanting of Lakshmi, we use a special rosary made of seeds of lotus which is called Kamalgatta mala. The Goddess is easily pleased if one uses this rosary for the chanting of her Mantra and she bestows upon him wealth, happiness, good health, prosperity.
It can be used to performing pooja’s, Japa, or wearing.
Material – Original 108 lotus seeds (kamal seeds)

Goddess Laxmi’s other important names – Kamal Vasini (one who lives in lotus flower), Vishnu Priya (one who is favorite to Lord Vishnu).

About a Kamal Gatta Mala from Nepalrudraksha.com

We send you Kamal Gatta mala(lotus seeds rosary/garland) after energizing it properly with your name at Pashupatinath temple (Shiva temple).  As it is the original item we should save them from the mouse. Because it is a favorite to a mouse. So we should keep it by hanging to save your rosary garland(mala). Before dispatching you we check every seed whether the bead is damaged or not or insect bit.