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Lord hanuman is son of mother anjani and father kesari. He is also known as pawanputra (born through blessing and boon from air/wind god,’god pawan dev’).

Mainly hanuman is known as  “Sri Ram bhakta hanuman”. Meaning.the devotee of Lord Ram. Lord ram is known as great and big devotee of god Ram.

He is Monkey head god. He is believe to be incarnation of Rudra(shiva). He is one among among ekadash rudra(11 form of rudras). He is said to be lord shiva who came to serve lord ram in hanuman incarnation. Lord shiva is also believe to be lord sri ram great devotee. Lord ram is also said Sri Ram, Sri mean another name of goddess laxmi. Goddess laxmi is wife of lord vishnu. Sri ram is said to be 7th incarnation of lord vishnu. Where there is lord vishnu there is presence of goddess laxmi.

Hanuman is also seen as five face or pancha mukhi hanuman. Five face hanuman have 5 form of lord vishnu(ram). They are varaha,narasimha,garud,hayagriva and in middle hanuman.

Blessing hanuman or our hanuman statue idol is very unique one made from pure nepali brass.