Hanging Shiva

90 $


Uses – We can hang Shiva in worship room or any best place in home.

– Lord Shiva is  a God in Hinduism known for destroyer of ignorance. He has three eye left and right as sun and moon and middle third eye represent fire. Shiva open third eye when he become very angry or to kill demon. There is story about kamdev when shiva open his third eye and turn kamdev into ash.When rati,the wife of kamadev started praying to shiva. Shiva boon her that you will meet kamdev in dwapar yuga. He will be born as lord krishna son “Pradyumna”. Rati became happy and go back to home after praying shiva.

Shiva favourite jwellery is also half moon shape moon which he wear in forehead.

We can see ganga(holy river ganges) in his forehead so he is also known as gangadhar.

One of his ornament is garland of snake. The snake name is vasuki.

The wife of lord shiva is parvati. The two son are ganesh and kumar.

Other member of his home are ganas or devotee of lord shiva. Some of the name of kailash gana is pushpa danta who wrote book abt shiva “Shiva mahimna stotra”.