Golden shivalinga – shiva shaligram

50 $

Golden shivalinga Shaligram Price in Indian Rs – INR 3500. Golden Shivalinga Shaligram Price in Euro 40 €. Golden Shivalinga Shaligram price in USD 50$. Besides Online Payment, Money can be sent to Nepal from any country with the help of a bank or other Methods. Click here to see Payment details and shipping charges


Golden Shivalinga Shaligram – Shiva Shaligram

Golden shivalinga is a direct symbol of lord shiva. We can see shivalinga appearing from a hole. This shivalinga shaligram is one of  auspicious, divine and rare shaligram to worship in home and temple. It is medium in size.

Some devotees also prefer to say it hiranyagarbha shaligram. Hiranya Garbha mean Lord Shiva,Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma in Womb. Sanskrit word hiranya also mean golden womb, pot and also sun god and garbha meaning is pregnancy. More info on different types of shaligram