– Damaru is musical instrument of lord shiva. He is also favourite to damaru and tumbi bida(tumbi violin)

-Lord shiva is seen with damaru,trident(trishul),snake,tiger skin,half moon,dreadlock hair etc.

-keeping and playing damaru in house is lucky house where there will be no negative energy. Evil,ghost,bad spirits will run aways from this home.

-Reciting om nama shivaya hymn(mantra) through damaru pleases lord shiva. We can see shankha(sounding conch) in lord vishnu hand because tulsi leaves and shankha is favourite to lord vishnu. Whereas bel patra leaves and damaru is favourite to lord shiva.

We canot express sounding damaru with saying “Om nama shivaya”,We will get new kind of energy.

Damaru is mostly used product in hindu house and temple. It is believe that where there is damaru there is shiva.