Buy Rudraksha Fruits – Dry and Wet(Ripen) Rudraksha Beads Fruit

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Rudraksha Fruits Price in Indian Rs – INR 4500. Rudraksha Fruits Price in Euro 55 €. Rudraksha Fruits price in USD 65$. Besides Online Payment, Money can be sent to Nepal from any country with the help of a bank or other Methods. Click here to see Payment details and shipping charges.



Rudraksha Fruits From Nepal

  • does not guarantee on Ripe (wet) fruits. We send in season surely. If not available ripen fruits we send all 50 dry rudraksha fruits which will ripe within few days. Rudraksha season is September-November.  

We are very much delighted to announce that we ( are offering and supplying Nepal Rudraksha fruits (Rudraksha Berry) from Nepal to your home whether you live in the USA, India, Canada, or any part of the World.

Now you can choose and find yourself Rudraksha face or Mukhi (Rudraksha Types) from your hand. But mostly found Rudraksha is 5 Mukhi rudraksha (five face rudraksha) and you can find other mukhis or faces by Luck.

If you do not wish to open its cover. Rudraksha with its cover is used in ancient medicine. It is said that rudraksha fruits dipped water if drank cleanses stomach or stomach related problems. We must continue until we get a cure. We must drink water after 6 hours when the colors of water change to red or brown-yellow. We suggest consulting a doctor if your case is an emergency and we suggest not depending on ancient medicine. And we do not guarantee on ancient medicine. We guarantee that they do not have a side effect.

We believe it, Because it is followed by our ancestors. You must dip rudraksha fruits in water after cleaning fruits properly with clean water.

To get benefits on headache, it is suggested to keep rudraksha fruits and rudraksha beads paste around the forehead.

Only the fruits of Rudraksha are also edible. It is believed that it cure blood pressure, cough, bronchitis, etc many kinds of problems and diseases. I have tested and eaten rudraksha fruits my self from my childhood. It is a little sweet, sour in taste. Requested to consume very less in amount like 3-5 fruits on a maximum a day if you like to eat rudraksha fruits cover.

Rudraksha is a holy fruit that grows in holy rudraksha trees in Nepal. Rudraksha Trees produces from tears/sweat of God Shiva. We can find different Mukhi or face (types) rudraksha importance in scripture. It is visible when we open the rudraksha cover.

Ripe fruits are very easy to clean or open whereas to open dry fruits you need hard work. You have to keep in water until it gets wet or you can use a knife to cut the outer cover without touching or harming the inside bead. Sometimes dry fruits are impossible to open or to take off its cover.

Product Details –

  • The total no of Rudraksha fruits (Rudraksha berries) will be 50. Among these 25 will be ripped and the other 25 is dry fruits.
  • We consider green and blueberries(fruits) as ripen. And Rudraksha whose cover is difficult to open as Dried(dry fruit).
  • does not guarantee on Ripe (wet) fruits. We send in season surely. If not available ripen fruits we send all dry 50 rudraksha fruits. Rudraksha season is September to November.