Business Power (for senior executives and businessmen)



The ganesh lakshmi combination (7 mukhi and 8 mukhi) when enhanced by a 12 mukhi surya rudraksha gives excellent results in removing obstacles and marching forward with the brilliance and radiance of the sun. For people requiring strength and determination one bead of 11 mukhi rudraksha representing lord hanuman(ekadash rudra) can also be worn.

Total beads – 1+1+1+1 = 4

Combined faces of Rudraksha – 7 face rudraksha,8 face rudraksha,11 face rudraksha and 12 face rudraksha.

Name of the products – Business power

Note – Products is available in bracelet or necklace. Please mention your need either needed bracelet or necklace.

“Both necklace and bracelet will be in pure silver”.

Free energize at Pashupati-Shiva Temple.