Bodhi Beads Garland – Buddha Chitta Mala

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Bodhi Mala – Buddha Rosary/Bodhi Garland

Lord Buddha is the supreme God in-universe. He is worshipped by Buddhists. And Hindus as Lord Vishnu.

He is also known as a peaceful deity. The Bodhi mala(rosary) wearing helps to attain peace. As well it is used for Japa (chanting mantras or hymn). The wearing and reciting mantra through this mala(garland) please Lord buddha. So usually, Bodhi mala or buddha Chitta mala is also known as just Buddha Mala.

The total number of seeds this garland is 108 bead Plus one extra bead at the very top(Sumeru) so total 109.

Speciality of Bodhi Mala

Bodhi mala(garland) is also known as Buddha Chitta Mala in Nepal. Lord Buddha was born in Nepal. And the quality and most used bodhi grow only in Nepal which is used by a number of Buddhists situated in different countries like Thailand, China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Japan, etc.

Nepali word Buddha Chitta meaning in English is ‘Buddha-like a heart’. Bodhi Chitta mala is one of the powerful kind which enables the inner peace of beings. It is able to provide enlightenment.

– Bodhi beads have the natural eye of buddha which represents peace. It is a gift of nature to mankind. The natural buddha Chitta (bodhi beads) grows in bodhi trees mostly in Sindhupalchowk village Nepal.

Buddha Vedic Mantra(hymn) – ‘Om Buddhaye Namah’, Meaning – The greeting and prayer to Lord Buddha. Who is the God of the entire world who represent inner peace, harmony. God buddha is also god of enlightenment or who bestow buddha tatva (enlightenment).

Wearing day – Full moon day

Wearing and doing Japa from Bodhi mala Benefits – Provides peace of mind, increase positive thought and thinking,destroy the sin. Enables self-confidence. Enlight the present, past future. Good for health, wealth, happiness, enjoyment, and meditation.

Eyes of Buddha – Buddhanath Temple Kathmandu, Nepal
Bodhi bead

About the Bodhi Seeds Mala

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– Free energized at Boudhanath temple. The Bodhi Mala will be sent to you after energizing at Boudhanath stupa(temple), Nepal.

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