Big Size Sphatik Mala

275 $

Big Size Sphatik Mala Price in Indian Rs – INR 20000. Big size Sphatik Mala Price in Euro 230 €. Big Size Sphatik Mala price in USD 275$. Besides Online Payment, Money can be sent to Nepal from any country with the help of a bank or other Methods. Click here to see Payment details and shipping charges.



Big Size Sphatik Mala from Nepal

Sphatik are sacred quartz/crystal. Sphatik mala (Sphatik garland) is very useful to do Japa and wearing it in the neck regularly. It is very good to balance pressure, diabetes. It has high importance in Hinduism. The Sphatik Shiva lingam, Shree Yantra, Ganesh, and Sphatik Malas is auspicious items made from Sphatik (Crystal/quartz stone). To find whether it is genuine or not there is a simple test we can try at our home. When we rub Sphatik bead each other fire spark comes through it. We must try it in a dark place. Be aware of the damage of the mala(garland) thread when doing this.

The total no of bead in this Sphatik mala is 33+1 extra Sphatiks bead. The shape of each bead is oval.

Everyone can wear divine Sphatik mala for prosperity. We can also see saints, holy men and ascetic wearing this blessed sphatik mala with rudraksha. It is for householders, Sadhak, Meditations, Men, Women everyone.

Wearing Sphatika mala on Monday provides peace of mind to the wearer and he/she will not get a headache. Wearing sphatik mala is very useful to those who have a blood disease, blood pressure and diabetes. If we get a high fever, washing sphatik mala in water and keeping in navel low the fever. And we get rest.

It is not only useful for health benefits but also for the Spiritual Areas and who do intellectual work.