Bhadraksha Mala – For Dizziness And Ringata

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Bhadraksha Mala (Bhadraksha Rosary garland)

Bhadraksh or Bhadraksha mala is also known as Ringate mala or Necklace for dizziness. It is believed that after using this mala(garland/rosary) we will not feel Ringata/Chakar or Dizziness. It is one of the old believes in Hinduism.

We have combined a Single piece of Five Mukhi Rudraksha big size in this Bhadraksha mala. Many people are also confused about bhadraksha and small size rudraksha mala because both look similar. Bhadraksha is usually small in size whereas rudraksha is found in both small and big sizes.

Small size rudraksha have a face even though it is smaller whereas big size rudraksha has a big face(mukh) and bhadraksha do not have a face or mukhi. It is smaller. Check out small size rudraksha mala

We can’t define benefits of bhadraksha mala, it is believed from the old time that it cures dizziness or ringata. It is said that After wearing it we will not feel dizziness/chakkar. So its one of the famous name is also ringate mala//ringata mala.

Bhadraksha and rudraksha’s name Spells similar. Both have the word Aksha. But its Physical structure and importance is different. Both are considered auspicious to wear for health benefits.

Word ‘Bhadra’ used in Hinduism – Bir-Bhadra, Bhadra Kali , Bhadra, Bhadra Maruti, Bhadreshwor, etc.