Belpatra / Bilva Patra – Lord Shiva Bel Leaves

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You can Now get BelPatra Leaves For Shiva Puja(worship) in most of the country From Nepal. Like U.S.A(united states), United Kingdom(u.k), Canada, Australia, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Singapore, France, Poland, European Union, Russia, South Africa, Malaysia, Germany, and All Countries.



Bel Patra Leaves – Nepal Rudraksha

Belpatra leaves is very common in Hinduism to worship Lord Shiva. It is also considered as Lord Shiva favorite leaves. We can find about it on various holy books where lord shiva can be pleased with different four ways. They are Offering Patram(leaves), Pushpam(flower), Falam(fruits), and Toyama(pure water). Among Patra(leaves) Bel leaves are known as favourite leaves of God Shiva. So Most commonly we everyone say “Bel Patra” for Bel leaves. Bel Patra leaves are found in Bel trees where we can also see round Bel fruits. Bel fruits are also widely used in shiva worship(shiv puja). These bel fruits are green when developing and turn brown when developed. Both are used in Shiva worship. But mostly leaves whereas both are equally important. Regarding bel leaves. It is considered very auspicious if we offer God Shiva 108 number of Belpatra leaves. Otherwise, 54 or 10 number of bel leaves if not available 108. It is considered most auspicious for 108, 1008, and most importantly 100000 numbers. We should only use trifoliate bel Patra leaves (Bel Patra leaves having three leaflets).  Otherwise, it is considered as not auspicious or commonly not used in Shiva Puja(worship).  Three trifoliate also sometimes symbolize sattva(Lord Vishnu), raja(Lord Brahma), and Tama(Lord Shiva). Lord Shiva is also known as a destroyer of ignorance. Sometime trifoliate bel leaves also consider as three eyes of lord shiva(sun, fire, moon). It is said that mother Laxmi always reside in the bel patra tree. According to Shiva Puran, Lord Brahma said to Narada that those who want Laxmi(wealth) should worship Lord Shiva with lotus flower, bilva patra(belpatra leaves), satpatra, and shankha pushpa(shankha pushpa flowers). If anyone who worship Lord Shiva with 100000 (Ek lakh) number of these leaves and flowers all sin will be washed away and we will also get Laxmi(wealth). There is no doubt about it. If there are no wishes “He/she will be Shiva himself”. After offering Bel Patra leaves to god shiva with Om Nama Shivaya mantra/hymn we should bath shiva with Maha Mritunjaya mantra with pure Jal(pure water). After it, if we are able and comfortable to do we should feed food to 11 brahmins and recite the 1000 Maha Mritunjaya mantra. Hence, For simple Shiva puja with bel leaves if you can’t do this then you can offer at least 108 belpatra leaves, feed 1 or 2 brahmin or poor, hungry, and chant at least 108 times maha mritunjaya mantra. After it, Shiva puja will be completed. Hence, Om Namah Shivaya is the main Mantra or hymn for God Shiva. If you can’t do anything please recite it everyday or in time of Shiva puja.

Lord Shiva (Om Namah Shivaya : ॐ नमः शिवाय )

There is a very beautiful story of the Origin of bel Patra leaves from Skanda Puran, Once the sweat drops of mother Parvati(wife of lord shiva) fall down in Mandarachal mountain from where it emerges the divine tree known as “Bel Patra trees”. In every part of these holy trees there is the residence of mother Parvati like fruits as mother Katyayani, stems as Maheshwari, all branch and leaves as Parvati, flower as Gauri and maha Laxmi in the entire tree. At the same time, being a reflection of Mata Parvati in the Bilva, it is offered to Lord Shiva. And Lord Shiva is pleased when we offer a Bilva leaf. He fulfills all the wishes of the devotee. It is said that a person who cannot go to a pilgrimage place if he/she worships the root part of the Bilwa tree in the month of Shravan month or Monday and offers pure water in it, he/she is rewarded as going all pilgrimages. And the same benefits we get by offering bel leaves to god shiva if we can’t do anything. We can find the importance of bel leaves in scripture. Sometimes Bel Patra leaves also symbolize three spokes of lord shiva Trishul (trident). Offering bel Patra leaves in Shivalinga(idol of god shiva) pleases god shiva and mother Parvati and the entire shiva family. He/she who offers bel leaves to Shiva on shiva puja(worship) by seeing him/her all god is pleased. There is also the story of Shivaratri Day(greatest festival and day of Shiva), Hunter, and Bel Patra leaves. The hunter who was sitting in belpatra trees at night was very tired when he didn’t find any animals. He continuously throws leaves in the ground from the trees, where he is sitting. It was incident that below the trees there was shiva linga, the leaves he was throwing was bel Patra leaves and that time was Shivaratri day(the great night of shiva). Lord shiva becomes happy with him. Lord shiva show his appearance to the hunter.  Hunter became very happy to see lord shiva. Lord shiva boon him and his entire family that he and his family all sorrow and problems will go away. And all will get home of shiva (Kailash). Both hunter and hunter families attain salvation. Kailash and Vaikuntha(home of Lord Vishnu). We Hindus believe Kailash and Vaikuntha are better than heaven. Because all heavenly God also worship God Shiva and Vishnu. It is also said that when we go to heaven we come back when our good deed is complete. But we should not return from Kailash and Vaikuntha. So we should worship Lord Shiva with Bel Patra leaves to get benefits in this world and afterworld.

About Buying Belpatra leaves from us – This Set includes 150 BelPatra leaves, All with trifoliate Leaves.  This includes 2 free Rudraksha beads of 5 Mukhi from to worship shiva. – You can use Bel Patra leaves now from anywhere in the world to worship lord shiva from us. Shipping will be done from Pashupatinath temple Nepal (Shiva temple).

  • The best time to order leaves is before 1 or 2 weeks or before 10 days of Shiva puja. So that you will get fast for your special day. Even though incase if bel leaves get dry we can use it. Tulsi leaves and Belpatra leaves have importance about it. But we will try our best to serve you.
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