About Rudraksha – Rudraksha Beads Quotes

Single Rudraksha Beads & Mala Greatness

Om Namah Shivaya ( ॐ नम: शिवाय )

  1. Rudraksha is a favorite ornament of Pashupati Shiva Shankar.
  2. Wearing Rudraksha provides peace of Mind.
  3. Wearing Rudraksha gets rid of mental ailments
  4. Worshipping Rudraksha gets rid of all kinds of sorrows.
  5. Those who wear rudraksha is even respected by God.
  6. Rudraksha has many kinds of divine power.
  7. Rudraksha is the only ornament that is prematurely Mortal.
  8. Rudraksha cures physical ailments
  9. Rudraksha is helpful both in enjoyment and salvation(moksha)
  10. Ghost, bad spirit, etc will not touch to rudraksha mala(rudraksha garland) Wearer.
  11. Negative Tantra and Mantra do not touch to Rudraksha wearer.
  12. Rudraksha is a great souvenir that provides salvation to grihastha(householders), Sadhu sanyasi(saint/holy men), Rishi muni(sages), Devidevta(god/goddess), Yaksha(demigod), All religion peoples.
  13. Rudraksha is a great medicine that summons all physical, mental, and all kinds of disruption.
  14. Rudraksha helps to awaken the Kundalini (chakra or wheels inside our body).
  15. Rudraksha helps to destroy any kinds of the sin of any sect people
  16. If you wear Rudraksha with devotion to Lord Rudra(Shiva) and self-confidence, your wish can be fulfilled in forty days.
  17. A wearer of Rudraksha does not have Fear of Yamaraj (God of hell).
  18. In 20-21 century it came to know that different well-known personality has worn Rudraksha beads or Rudraksha mala. But it has been worn or worship for more than a million years.
  19. Rudraksha even destroys sin like Brahma hatya “killing of brahmin or man” and Gau hatya “killing of Cow”.
  20. Heart disease is soon cured after wearing Rudraksha.
  21. While wearing Rudraksha if we don’t remember mantra(hymn) or if we have any doubt, We should wear Rudraksha Beads by saying God Shiva Greatest Mantra (hymn) OM NAMAH SHIVAYA
  22. If any saintly personal wear Rudraksha then his bravery is more increase and if any evil or sinner wear rudraksha then his/her all sin is destroyed and he/she will be Sainty soon. He/She will get knowledge and positive thinking/thought.
  23. If someone dies wearing rudraksha then he will be free from the rebirth of much many life and attain place in god legs.
  24. We should wear Rudraksha Pridely as jewelry or ornaments.
  25. After wearing rudraksha man will remain in high post in business or our curtain.
  26. There is no need to ask anyone to wear Rudraksha mala(rudrakshas garland) because rudraksha never gives side effects.
  27. Rudraksha remain possess different kinds of divine power
  28. Rudraksha increase brightness, glow, and light.
  29. In the world best rudraksha is sold and found in Nepal.
  30. To get the opportunity to buy rudraksha is rising in fortune.
  31. Rudraksha’s importance can not be defined with words. Even if someone with demon attitude people die in any place. If below these people or underground single piece rudraksha bead is present then these people all sin will be destroyed and he gets welfare.
  32. In every corner of the world, many people know about rudraksha. And every intelligence people of World faith is increasing day by day on rudraksha.
  33. As much as rudraksha get old. Rudraksha is that much best and fruitful.
  34. Rudraksha always is a saffron brown color, white,brown, reddish, and also black which changes to black after wearing. The black color is a sign of auspiciousness.


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