Mr.Ankit Dulal in Store. Taken at Himalaya Rudraksha Bhandar,Pashupatinath Temple,Kathmandu,Nepal (

Namaste, Om namah Shivaya. My Name is Ankit Dulal,owner of or Himalaya Rudraksha Bhandar. Our store is situated in Pashupatinath Temple,Kathmandu,Nepal. One of the famous,Reputed old Shiva Temple in Nepal.

We sell Rudraksha Beads (Rudraksha Mala),Shaligram,Most necessary Religious Items like Idols,Shivalinga etc.

Our shop is more than 40 years old store. Our grandfather started with selling Bel patra leaves and flower in Pashupatinath Temple (God shiva favourite leaves and flower to offer Shiva). At that time,he also selled Rudraksha,Religious goods,Shaligram in Store.Which we are continuing till Now. These all products are used to pray god shiva,vishnu and all vedic gods.

Ankit Dulal work with his family in store,mother(devika dulal),Father(keshav dulal),wife(somila dulal). Ankit Dulal brother stay in australia whose name is Kishan Dulal. He is also Rudraksha expert,we played together with rudraksha from childhood.

Ankit Dulal has travel australia(from brother),india(pilgrimage tour),thailand(from wife). Ankit Dulal has travel different temple and place in home country Nepal. Ankit Dulal also have more than 30 rudraksha trees in sindhupalchowk village Nepal.

Ankit Dulal is born in Pashupatinath temple,kathmandu,Nepal. I feel very happy to born in pashupatinath,it is sacred place of god shiva.

Ankit Dulal chant daily shiva shahasranama from Shiva Puran (1000 name of God shiva) in his store in pashupatinath temple Nepal. And has read almost all scripture like 18 puran. We can also find rudraksha,shaligram importance in Shiva puran,Srimad Devi bhagwat puran,Padma puran etc.

There are various benefits of wearing Rudraksha and worshipping Shaligram.

We provide Genuine Rudraksha,Shaligram,Malas(Rudraksha garlands or other variety) etc in Reasonable Price.

There are various benefits of wearing genuine and quality Rudraksha beads and mala.

We deliver all items from our website worldwide from Nepal and provide tracking number once delivered so that you can track where it is. You can also shop in store shopping if you are visiting to Nepal. We will be very happy to meet you.

We provide authentic certificate with rudraksha purchase from us.

Hence,we donot compromise in providing genuine and quality Rudraksha,Shaligram,Religious items Online and in store.

Our Recent aim and Plan is to establish Rudraksha store abroad,around the globe. And I am searching Branch to open in India,USA,Malaysia and Other Any of the interested Country who wish to work with me can contact me.

We will also teach you how to identify different types of rudraksha,how to sell rudraksha. In field of Rudraksha we donot get income at a time but if we work hard we can surely achieve it.You can also work as part time.It is holiest items which is loved by everyone. And its use is also growing rapidly. It is also our ornament and God Shiva ornament. We should wear it with pride. Rudraksha suits everyone body. Its wearer also look smart,attractive and beautiful. It is favourite to god shiva.

May God Shiva(Rudra) bless all of us.

OM Namah Shivaya.

Your sincerely
Ankit Dulal
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